Up File Mp3 Lên Facebook

Its not possible to nói qua MP3 Audio files directly to lớn Facebook️ Luckily we have a few work around options to lớn help you nội dung your audio.

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Facebook is a hub for discovering new music & podcasts; While you cannot post audio directly lớn facebook, in this guide we will show you how to nói qua your audio on Facebook in four steps:

Converting your Audio khổng lồ Video

Convert the audio khổng lồ a đoạn Clip file.

Facebook cannot post audio files (mp3/wav), instead, you can transform your audio lớn a Clip (mp4) then upload your audio lớn facebook.

Add a background art to lớn the video

Choose a background for your new videos such as your podcast or music cover art - You can also use a solid colour & add some text.

Add audio wave sầu animation

To increase motion, and make your videos feel more dynamic you can add a wavesize animation synced lớn your audio.

Post the Video facebook

Once the video has rendered you can post audio online, directly lớn facebook, or any social media site.

The video conversion method lets you post your sound directly khổng lồ Facebook wall without having to links khổng lồ an external account. The video will show up directly in user feeds and in many cases will start autoplaying as users scroll on their timeline, increasing engagement with your post!

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Alternative sầu Methods

File Hosting

You can use a hosting service khổng lồ store the audio tệp tin then post a links. For this, you can use Google Drive sầu, Dropbox, iCloud or similar. Upload your sound in the normal way then generate a pĐánh Giá link. This links can now be shared lớn Facebook.

The generated links will not be as visual eyecatching as uploading a video, however, it works somewhat flawlessly - And is a good không lấy phí solution.

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Sound Cloud

Sound cloud is an online truyền thông media player, Luckily Facebook supports sound cloud liên kết so you chia sẻ your music/audio directly lớn Soundcloud, using the generated link you can then nói qua this on Facebook. There are a few caveats though such as limited sample rates, & your audio has to be public for Facebook khổng lồ access.

To nói qua your audio on Facebook using SoundCloud follow these steps:

Cliông chồng the upload button and choose your audio fileCliông chồng the Facebook icon lớn Share on FacebookYou can now post a liên kết khổng lồ your audio file

Frequently Asked Questions

Why vì I have khổng lồ convert my audio to video

Facebook only supports video clip, text và image posts. intouch247.net sầu helps you simply transkhung your audio into an engaging đoạn Clip to cốt truyện.

How lớn upload an audio file lớn Facebook?

Convert your audio khổng lồ a Clip tệp tin using intouch247.net, add music and then you can upload the đoạn Clip directly lớn facebook

How khổng lồ promote my podcast?

Once you have generated a đoạn Clip for your podcast, you can tóm tắt on FB groups, your podcast page or anywhere on Facebook. You can even pay khổng lồ advertise your Clip to lớn give sầu an extra boost.

How long can videos on facebook be?

The optimum length for a đoạn Clip on Facebook is 60-90 seconds, & the maximum duration is 45 Minutes.

How to lớn automatically upload my podcast khổng lồ FB?

The intouch247.net sầu API enables automatically posting your podcast khổng lồ facebook as a đoạn Clip.

What alternatives are there to lớn converting audio to lớn video?

Instead of converting audio to lớn đoạn phim you can use an embed from a third các buổi tiệc nhỏ, such as Spotify, Dropbox or SoundCloud - Just copy the liên kết from the service & post to facebook.

What audio tệp tin types can you upload lớn facebook?

You can’t upload audio to lớn facebook, however, you can transkhung many tệp tin formats such as MP3s, WAV, & FLAC file it into a MP4 đoạn phim clip, to lớn then publish on facebook


Whether you choose to lớn tóm tắt an engaging đoạn phim, a link to your sound or use SoundCloud all these options enable you to giới thiệu your sound lớn your Facebook page followers.

*It should be noted that Facebook has some Video duration limits, however, if you use Hosting You limit will be File Size, Often 20GB.