Nhúng chat facebook vào web

Facebook is the national social network of the World, and almost everyone has a Facebook account; even parents now have learned to use it.Therefore, if you are running a business on a trang web, you should add Facebook Messenger khổng lồ website, it will make it easier for you to lớn advise customers.You can reply later if you are not online in time; integrating Facebook Messenger inlớn the trang web also has many useful features for sellers.Check out this article lớn know the capabilities of Messenger và how khổng lồ add Facebook Messenger to lớn your website.

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Advantages và disadvantages of the new Messenger


Beautiful interface: flat interface with bright Trắng background, modern rounded chat window.Keep in touch with customers: if you don’t reply in time when the customer is texting, you can still reply after entering the message management on your page, other livechat applications cannot vì chưng this. .màu sắc customization: you can customize the color of the buttons and chat bubbles lớn your liking.Switch to the application on your phone: most young people have sầu the Messenger application installed on their phones, if they cliông xã to lớn open Facebook Messenger on the trang web, they will immediately be transferred to lớn the Messenger application for smoother chat.Combine Chatbot: chatbot will help you create thực đơn in chat window, automatic reply. In addition, it can also connect APIs with warehousing, banking, và shipping systems khổng lồ automatically notify customers about payment và order status (this is at something that I have sầu not discovered yet). , but many units have already done it).Chat without login (old drawbachồng has been fixed): in the past, if customers did not use Facebook, they could not chat, now Facebook has added Chat as a guest for Messenger on the website.Have sầu basic customer information: when chatting with a customer via Messenger, you will see information where they live, what job they vì, what school they attkết thúc, etc. It’s also helpful for you lớn underst& the customer’s strata & think about it. question.Direct sales: when adding Facebook Messenger khổng lồ a website that combines APIs, chatbots & online consultants, it is normal to lớn sell goods right on Messenger.Manage customers by label: you can label customers for easy care, for example: Pending payment, Purchased, Product A, Product B…Notes of important information: Messenger of fanpge allows you lớn add notes to lớn customer information, which is quite convenient lớn remember customer problems.Divide customers among consultants: Not inferior to lớn other livechats, if you have many customer care members for the site, you can divide customers among members on the page for advice.

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Create sample messages for reuse: you can save sầu sample messages for faster reply next time.Sover multimedia: you can skết thúc document files, images, videos, audios… lớn customers.


Integrating Facebook Messenger inlớn the trang web makes the website load a little slower, just lượt thích other livechat.Do not collect gmail và phone number lượt thích other livechat.

How to lớn get Facebook Messenger code

To add Facebook Messenger to lớn your trang web, you need to lớn be the admin of the page; follow these steps:

Step 1:You access the page và clickSettingsin the left thực đơn.

Add Insert Headers và Footers plugin

In theSettingssection,selectInsert Headers and Footers, paste the code in theBodysection,and then clichồng theSavebutton.

Note:if you don’t see it after adding Facebook Messenger to lớn your WordPress trang web, please clear the cache.

Add Facebook Messenger to lớn trang web of LadiPage

LadiPage is the most powerful form-filling feature, but if you think customers need advice via chat channel, add Facebook Messenger to lớn the LadiPage website.

In the LadiPage editor, you clickSetup& selectJavascript/CSS Code, then youpaste the Facebook Messenger codein the box Before the body toàn thân tag and thenPublish.

Add Facebook Messenger lớn trang web of Haravan

If you use the full Haravan suite with Harafunel, you should ask their support team lớn integrate Facebook Messenger inkhổng lồ your website for you, as it has a special API configuration lớn sell products directly on Messenger.However, this is also complicated, but if you do not find it necessary, you need to have a simple Messenger button on the trang web, then do lượt thích me.

Step 1:You go to theWebsitesectionon the left thực đơn of Haravan and selectAppearance; on the right, clickthe three-dot buttonand selectEdit code.