Icon facebook trên máy tính

If you’re looking for ways khổng lồ make your communications simpler, you might want khổng lồ find a faskiểm tra way to lớn enter your Facebook account. Sure, you could bookmark Facebook on your browser, but that’s not the best solution.

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In this article, we’ll show you how lớn add a Facebook icon lớn your Desktop so you can open it with only one cliông chồng.

How to lớn Add Facebook lớn Desktop on Windows

Before we start, we have lớn explain that adding the Facebook icon means creating a shortcut on your Desktop. In fact, there are two parts: adding the shortcut & adding the Facebook biểu tượng logo. The process is similar for all Windows desktop devices. However, if you have one of the older models, it may not be compatible with your device.

Here’s what you have to lớn do:

Right-cliông chồng on your Desktop.
Cliông chồng on Shortcut.
Click Next.
Cliông chồng Finish.

How khổng lồ Change the Icon

Did you know that there are many websites where you can find icons of your favorite apps? What’s more, they offer various Facebook icons. All you have sầu to vì chưng is choose the one you lượt thích the best. For example, if you don’t lượt thích the inhỏ Facebook is currently using, you can select an older version. Moreover, you can opt for more creative, artistic designs.

Don’t worry, these websites are legal, as long as you use the ibé for your personal purposes.

We used Icon Finder, and we’ll show you how you can vì it as well:

On the home page, you’ll see the search bar.

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If you want khổng lồ find không tính phí icons, select “Free” at the top of the screen.Cliông chồng on the ICO sign khổng lồ tải về it.
Right-cliông chồng on the Facebook shortcut you’ve created.
xuất hiện the Web Document tab.Click on Browse.To save the changes, click on Apply.

As you’ve noted, the website offers plenty of high-chất lượng icons for không tính phí. However, if you need more than that, you can purchase a membership and unlochồng even more options. The best thing about membership is that you can download premium inhỏ sets & customize your Desktop.

Moreover, you can also download icons designed by famous digital artists.


How khổng lồ Add Facebook Icon on Mac

When you download the Facebook tiện ích khổng lồ your Mac, its ibé should automatically appear on your Desktop. However, this sometimes doesn’t happen, especially if you already have a lot of apps on your Desktop.

Don’t worry as there’s an easy way to add a Facebook icon. All you have sầu lớn bởi vì is create a shortcut, and it’ll bring the Facebook icon khổng lồ your Desktop. Here’s how:

Click on the Finder in the bottom left corner of the screen.The Finder will now show you all your apps and folders.Right-clichồng on the Facebook phầm mềm.Clichồng on “Make Alias”.The Finder will now create a copy of the Facebook tiện ích.Drag the Facebook ibé you’ve sầu just created khổng lồ your Desktop.

That’s it! You can now enter the Facebook with only one clichồng. Of course, you can vì this with any other ứng dụng, as well. If you haven’t already, we suggest you drag the Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or some other tiện ích you may be using for chatting with your friends.

Make Things Easier

We love shortcuts because they make our life easier. When we’re busy, even saving a couple of seconds can mean a lot. Especially when it comes to things we vì chưng daily, such as checking our social truyền thông. We hope we inspired you not only khổng lồ add a Facebook icon but to organize your Desktop as well.

What shortcuts vị you have on your Desktop? Which one vì you find the most useful? Let us know in the comments section below.