What New Nokia Asha 500, 502, 503 of 2013 Offers to Market

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Nokia Ashas 2014

Smart phones are the need of today’s world. They are our personal assistants. Smart phones allow us to stay connected to one another through various available communication platforms at once,  they help us to take care of our work and our lives as well as our studies. They are our radio, tv, game box and our books library. And compare to a laptop Smart Phones are very small, wireless and pocket-able devices we can carry about just anywhere without extra effort.

But smart phones are not cheap and not everyone can afford these at comfort,. In fact even today not everyone realize these tiny boxes can be very helpful. Nokia addresses this issue very smartly by offering enhanced generation of their features phones known as Nokia Asha.

What Are Nokia Asha Smart Phones
Nokia Asha is a step forward to go from basic phone toward full smart phones. With every new wave of Asha range they grow with its design and capabilities. Perfecting it to get as close to full smart phone features as possible and managed to keep the price just about right while doing it successfully.

Nokia 503 in Action

New Nokia Asha 500, 502, 503
In 2013 Nokia brings in Asha handsets more modern UI, fresh new stronger design built for premium look and feel with a unique transparent “Crystal-Clear” shell. This new technique of using double layer for outer design protects the original color of handset and strengthen overall device while adding a unique beauty and look.

Apps and Games Library
Growth of popularity and use of Asha handsets bring developers support to the platform. There are more apps and games available every month. All important Internet based messaging apps and popular games are either available or on the way to Asha devices.

Improved Swipe U
Asha 501, the first of Asha OS last year bring much better OS and UI Nokia fans loved from Nokia N9. Swipe to navigate was most natural way of operating touch screens and with new 500, 502 and 503 Asha touch screen ^smart phones^ Nokia improved this experience too. Asha 501 will be getting these updates with an update coming shortly.

Double tap to unlock your phone is brilliant but Swipe up on the lock screen to get to the camera is definitely topped that.

Improved Fastlane
Fastlane is one of Home Panels of Asha OS. It is an organized Log of user’s activity that user can control. Fastlane shows your social feeds, your photos, your messages and any up coming events you have set in calendar.

Asha 503 is the most advanced of three. With 5mp camera Asha 503 is first Asha with 3G connectivity and equipped with Gorilla Glass protection.

Prices at the moment are not confirmed for Pakistani market but I believe these Asha will be available between 5,000 to 11,000 Pakistani rupees.

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