Wait for 3G Connection comes near to end in Pakistan

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3G Connection in Pakistan

Finally, our wait for using 3G connection in Pakistan is about to end. PTA approved mobile companies to start 3G services. Consumers may not get 3G connection right away since companies are granted limited 3G access to test and fine tune their setups before they are ready to provide full services.


Why 3G is so important now?

It is first time in history of mobile industry across the world that smart phones outsell featured phones. In Pakistan trend is no different and use of smart phones increasing thanks to the companies like Voice, QMobile and budget smart phones from Nokia. With it use of Tablets in Pakistan is on the rise too.

Things are looking good in mobile computing and mobile entertainment in Pakistan but something very important is still missing. Something that has been holding us to use our smart mobiles to their full potential, and that is a fast wireless Internet connection on the go. This is where 3G comes in.

With 3G sim into compatible smart phones, tablets, TV or laptops, users will be able to access Internet at high speed compare to the regular GPRS or EDGE internet connectivity we currently use in our mobile phones through services like Telenor, UFone or Mobilink.

3G also known as mobile broadband connection due to the fast speed data transfer rate for use of internet wirelessly. Quality and experience of using Internet on mobiles and tablets will significantly improved with 3G connection for using services like Skype, maps and navigation, video calls, mobile radio and TV.

What is the difference between 2G, 3G, 4G, mobile networks?

The 3rd generation of mobile networks has become popular largely thanks to the ability of users to access the Internet over devices like mobiles and tablets as said above. The speed of data transmission on a 3G network ranges between 384KBPS to 2MBPS. This means a 3G network actually allows for more data transmission and therefore the network enables voice and video calling, file transmission, internet surfing, online TV, view high definition videos, play games and much more.  3G is the best option for users who need to always stay connected to Internet.

G in 2G, 3G and 4G stands for the “Generation” of the mobile network. Today, mobile operators have started offering 4G services in many countries. A higher number before the ‘G’ means more power to send out and receive more information and therefore the ability to achieve a higher efficiency through the wireless network.

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  1. M Ahmed says:

    Is Voice V10 3G ready?

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