Voice Xtreme V10 vs Nokia Asha 501

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Xtreme V10 vs Asha 501

We recently bought Voice Xtreme V10 Android smart phone and I had a chance to compare it against my cousin’s Nokia Asha 501.

Xtreme V10 seems to be very alluring Android phone running Jellybean 4.2 on 1.2ghz dual core processor. Its 3 inch display is IPS, which made it perfect for single hand use, very pocket friendly and most of all make it usable in the daylight. All of it comes for the price tag of 7,300 Pakistani Rupees with United Mobile’s warranty.

V10 is running second best version of Android, the Jellybean 4.2. And Android have got a massive collection of Apps and games. All of it makes V10 a very attractive bundle indeed.

With all that benefits, V10 looks like a winner compare to Nokia Asha 501. But even to my surprise it Asha 501 beat Xtreme V10 when it comes to practical uses of a mobile phone. Having said that V10 has its own set of benefits over Asha 501.

Asha 501 looks beautiful and piece of matured engineering. 501 just looks premium next to V10, with better and stronger material. It has 3 inch display and over all very small size, which is almost invisible in any pocket. For people concern the size and want a smallest but best, 501 is for them.

Asha OS brings really impressive UI for their new Asha series, it is modern, fast and really fun and easy to use. Xtreme V10 have general Android UI, which is fine and user can always put another “Launcher” on top of it considering they are ready to sacrifice some apps.

V10 have advantage of larger display of 3.5 inches, which of course make a big difference in viewing text, pictures and movies. Movies look gorgeous on its screen. Touch is smooth enough of course.

However the touch responses are far far better on Asha 501. My cousin can type insanely fast on screen, I have not seen many people can type that fast on virtual keyboard this small using both hands with such accuracy. Asha 501 nailed it in touches.

Xtreme V10 failed his attempts of fast typing again and again despite the larger screen, returning him only random garbage words. For average on-screen typing speed V10 worked fine. (All of this typed on Xtreme V10)

Come to snapping and Asha 501 again destroyed V10. Even in regular room light, without aid of flash, Asha 501 took pictures with better in quality, better in brightness and better in colors.

And if you think V10 must have destroyed Asha in App, it would’ve if V10 come with more ram. Users have got only about 140mb ram to use out of said 256mb.

With this low amount of ram, you cannot benefits from Android’s app paradise at all. You can hardly install 3 to 5 apps depending on the app size.

Forget the games all together; dual core processor is not helpful due to low ram. However you can install small puzzle type games that take less space.

The price of Voice Xtreme V10 is Rs. 7,300 (January, 2014), and you need to buy an SD card too. With a decent SD card V10 will cost you nearly Rs.8,000. As for Asha 501 is now available for less than Rs.9,000 with a 4gb card in the box.

Point me to the dual core processor, it did help Android work smoothly, but for as long as you do not install apps. Give it 3 to 4 days and it started to show the delays aka lags.

Personally, I don’t mind small lags, specially when using or talking about a low priced Android device. To me occasional lags in V10 are acceptable. You will get to see them in the video demo.


Nokia made mobiles to stay with you until you throw them away. Nokia is using quality hardware even in their very low-cost mobiles that deliver better results for practical and long run. Nokia’s software maybe not as good as Android, but hardware compromises in low cost Android mobiles doesn’t make them any better than Nokia Asha series, this is what I am learning as I am using V10.

Yes, V10 has its advantages too, only if you live with the side effects. Read them all in our full review and watch video coming soon to you.

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