Voice Xtreme V10 Gaming Performance

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Voice Xtreme V10 Gaming Performance

Voice Xtreme V10 is not made to deliver best gaming experience. It is a low-end budget Android smart phone, but it doesn’t mean you have to give up on playing games altogether because this dual-core machine can do enough of gaming to make its owners happy.

There are number of interesting and free games in Android that users of Xtreme V10 can install from Play Store, considering they have the space to install. Users of V10 cannot install 3 or 4 games all at once but they can enjoy 1 or 2 selected simple games to keep them busy in a bus, during wait or just to keep themselves entertain in their quiet hours.

Death Moto 2

Some games may work well on Xtreme V10 however screen size (3.5inch) can get in the way.

Google Play Store is the best place to find suitable games for your V10. Just make sure to check the app size before you click the Install.

Flappi Bird

Pro Pool 2012

Important tip to install any game or any app from Play Store: Always read several comments before installing an app. Get to know the app through users’ experiences because often most of the apps, especially games look so good from screenshots and description but in reality there are hidden things that can waste your time and Internet data rate.

We will keep showcasing the good games that V10 can play for as long as we are keeping Xtreme V10 with us, so keep lurking around.

And if you know any game that works well on V10 let us know in the comments, we will add them too with special thanks.

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