Vanadium Natural Mineral Water, the Fountain of Youth!

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Vanadium Natural Mineral Water Fountain of Youth

Mankind’s search for endless healthy life has never stopped. The stories of Fountain of Youth and ‘Aab-e-Hayaat’ have been center of many mythical tales. The best kept secret to live longer, live healthy and young, even forever. The myth seems to be very real when we learn come to know about Vanadium Mineral Water at the media launch of the company at Pearl Continental, Karachi.

What may looks like just another bottle of regular water, Vanadium Water is anything but it. Vanadium Water imports directly from Japan. This water carries healing properties for diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, arterial sclerosis, tuberculosis, infertility, syphilis, anemia, skin diseases, detoxification of body and even cancer. No wonder it has a shocking price tag on it.


Sounds like a Fairytale

In a way it is. It is the magic of chemistry played by nature to be exact. The core element here is Vanadium, which is a trace metal already existed within human body like Calcium and Magnesium. It also found in Dill seeds, black pepper, seafood and it is essential for a good health.


Only in Japan

Unlike other processed mineral water commonly available in market, Vanadium Water is not processed by humans. Water from rain and snow on Mt. Fuji, Japan is the primary source of this natural water. The water extracted from a depth of 120 to 150 meters from ground level where it reached after going through multiple layers of Lava beds Mt. Fuji is made of.

Vanadium Water is highly valued and was selected as one of the exquisite and well conserved waters by ministry of environment Japan. It has been recommended and certified by Japan Preventive Medicine Administration Council and now being exported around the globe from Japan.


Medicine or Regular Water

While proper intake of regular water plays a vital role in healthy living, Vanadium Water has added benefits. Despite having extraordinary qualities, it can be used for cooking, making tea or coffee or just for drinking like regular water.

From babies to senior citizens, anyone can use it.


The Price vs Intake

Vanadium Natural Mineral Water Bottle Cure Blood Sugar and Blood PressureA two liter bottle of Vanadium Water cost 490 Pakistani Rupees at the time of introduction. From the price tag, many may consider Vanadium Water as a luxury product, but after learning all the benefits and compare it to the medicines, treatment process and dietary, Rs. 490 seems very reasonable amount.


Use Vanadium Water for…

There is evidence that vanadium acts like insulin, or helps to increase the effects of insulin. Study report shows that Vanadium has a function to reduce the blood sugar level and preventing diabetes.

Vanadium also has a property of improving lipid metabolism that leads to lower the blood cholesterol level and smoothens the blood flow. Vanadium is believed to reduce the occurrence of heart attack.


Other highlighted features are

  • Anti-Aging & Healthier Longer Life
  • Prevents Diabetes & Lowers elevated Blood Sugar
  • Reduces chances of Heart Attack/Stroke
  • Controls Hypertension/Lowers Blood Pressure
  • Reduce Cholesterol Levels
  • Regulates Blood Circulatory System
  • Beatifies, Smoothens & Whitens Skin
  • Controls Obesity & Improve Body Shape


Vanadium Water Company Pakistan

The company has taken initiative to serve those suffering from diabetes by bringing Vanadium Water in Pakistan.
To learn more, videos and documents are available on: 


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