Unprofessional staff ruining Advance Store at Amma Tower, Saddar

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The thing I always hate about Pakistan’s computers and now mobile industry is that it has been ruled by the rudest, most unethical illiterate unprofessional. On road side small cabin-like shops, I understand getting ill-behavior from shopkeepers but when it comes from a representative at larger franchises then it gets on my nerves.

A friend and I were looking for new handsets. We went to browse our options, cash in pockets. We made Amma Tower, Saddar, Karachi our first stop. We spot a ‘Advanced Store’ there at the ground floor, right after entering the mall. Posters of Huawei and Infinix caught our attention instantly. Being user of Infinix myself and huge fan and supporter of Huawei since the beginning when users in Pakistan have not even heard of the company, it was only natural for us to get there and talk about a thing or two.

The three guys at store at that time showed no interest in engaging us as ‘possible customers’. They probably have no interest in selling any of the products at all. Heck they don’t know what they are selling and I doubt they even know how to convert a window shopper into customer because the one guy who came over had one answer to everything “Specs are written on card”.

Now we are slightly above average buyers so we look into things like GPU and Battery size, functions in camera more than megapixels, and we completely understand that not everyone can know all of these things. We have been going to market long before these people have heard what smartphones are, good shopkeepers always try to learn about their products or at least show it to our faces instead of being plain rude and we ended up becoming their regular clients.

Here, we had to ^help^ ourselves out as much as we could, got not a single damn proper answer we asked whether it was about availability of a device or about what component are inside. That was still fine by me, as I mentioned above that these salesmen cannot know everything about everything. But they have got to at least show that they are trying to learn what they don’t know; instead we got a rude shout ‘Go check all that yourself on Internet, don’t waste my time. I don’t have time for all of this’.

The response was rudest at best and I wanted to know what ‘important’ was he doing because there was not a single customer in the shop and there were 3 of them just sitting.

We had all the right words for him to ignite a good scene there but it would be like smashing our heads into a solid ugly wall. We decided to walk out of there.

Next week, we were at Amma Tower again, this time ‘Advance Store’ had some customers inside. And the four guys who were supposed to attend the customers were busy having lunch like this is what they are paid for – eating. About 5 or 7 minutes later, they were still eating, customers were doing ‘self-service’ clearly just like we did a week before this. We had that part on the camera in short clip since we were also busy finalizing our own purchase at another shop. A shop by the way we never saw empty. There are always customers in this shop; we sometimes had to wait outside for our turn. All this crowed in that other shop is because of their friendly support whether it was on social media, on call, on sms or in person.

This type of behavior should not come from such outlets. Companies invested a massive amount to establish their names and these unethical workers ruining everything for them. They are not interested in sales probably because they will get their salaries whatever the situation is. And in case of trouble, they will blame everything on customers or the location.

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