Unblock YouTube on Android Smart Phones and Tablets in Pakistan

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Unblock YouTube in Pakistan

YouTube is still block in Pakistan by government and so far there are no good news for us regular ^productive^ YouTube users. However if you happen to own an Android SmartPhone or an Android Tablet you are in luck – at least to watch the videos from YouTube.

Assuming you must have searched into Google Play for Unblock YouTube type of keywords and come across several suspicious apps, I can tell you that one of them did work very well.

There are demo of two apps in the video clip so watch till end for complete information

Unblock YouTube

Unblock YouTube on Android in Pakistan

This app “Unblock YouTube” offer 3 web proxy channels to try our luck with blocked YouTube, in which second option granted me the YouTube access. It is that easy.

You can search and play video but, the browser within app is not capable to execute Javascripts so your surfing will be limited and flawed. You cannot login to your YouTube/Google account. You cannot view the comments and the videos you will be watching are 240 resolution. Perhaps it is different for other two options that didn’t work for me.

There is an option to download the video but at least it didn’t work for me either.

App refreshes when you change orientation of your device and reloads YouTube’s homepage so this is something you may not want to do during a video playback. If that happens, use the “Back” button to get back to your video.

Unblock YouTube on Android in Pakistan

If a video doesn’t have 240 resolution the chances are it will return an error.

Aside these few things I didn’t face any other issue watching videos.

Puffin Browser

Unblock YouTube on Android in Pakistan

This app Puffin is actually a very advance and featured pack Internet Browser, one of the best out there if you ask me. Puffin beats every other browsers you ever come to know. But we will be using Puffin to solve our matters with YouTube.

The process is simple. Step one is either buying full version of Puffin or downloading Puffin Free for a test drive from Google Play. You can use YouTube for 14 days in free version. You can extend this period by inviting your friend to use Puffin.

Technically you can still access to YouTube after 14 days, but without Flash contents including YouTube videos.

Second step is typing www.youtube.com. That’s it. You can login, search, like, share and comments without any trouble. You can upload videos files under 10mb.

Unblock YouTube on Android in Pakistan

SpotFlux Proxy
SpotFlux is one of the most famous proxy software on Windows recently made its way to Android. You can install and active the app, get to your favorite browser and use any blocked website including YouTube. But there is a side effect not everyone can afford.

To use SpotFlux you need a Really speedy Internet. Like every proxy software SpotFlux for Android slows down Internet speed depending on the time and the wait can be very extremely annoying.

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  1. Thanks you share amazing post and its really helpful for those who access YouTube videos on the smart phones and iPhone. it also easy to unblock YouTube on your system by using online proxy servers also in public areas like school and colleges. The problem has been resolved that how to unblock social websites in restricted places.

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