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I am experiencing WindowsPhone for the first time and I bet many of you are waiting to hear how I find it compare to Android and which one is better, Android or WindowsPhone.First of all, I believe every Operating System got something for the users to Like and No OS is perfect but they can be improved over the time with the right support by their side.Microsoft Lumia 535 by Munir RahoolI will be sharing what I feel about WindowsPhone against Android according to my usage in their forms of January 2015.

Moving on to Account integration including Microsoft’s, If I stored an account to the system once, I am not suppose to fill the passwords later elsewhere. Unfortunately this is not happening and it was irritating to see even Microsoft’s account is not retrieving the information automatically for its official services and apps. I hate filling the passwords over and over!I am on Facebook and I am there for business purpose. Sharing options are crucial for my process and current Facebook app developed by Microsoft doesn’t have those Sharing to Page or Group options so it is useless for me.

Not to mention that the Messenger doesn’t have Chat Head, and this made my stay on WindowsPhone device more painful than I felt since Symbian^3. Not having Call option in Facebook Messenger is another blow. It is important for so many users.

I am crazy for movies and TV series. My preferred format is mkv. Now dual-core Android with 256mb RAM can play those movie files but here even the most popular app on WindowsPhone failed to play that format on a quad-core machine with a gig of RAM. I cannot find a proper free video player.

Microsoft’s own masterpiece product the Office, for mobile it is junk to be honest. Most of the plain Note taking apps packed more features than this. And there are no alternate in the store, yet.

In the Apps section, or in Store, yes I did see many apps and some are free but there has to be better alternates in there for popular services. For example Blogger is missing, one of crucial Apps for me. And as I mention earlier, not capable enough free mkv video player.

Setting items are in God knows what order, finding a simple thing required too much attention. Put it in alphabetically so one can reach to it easily.

With launch of Microsoft Lumia 535 I felt it is the right time and right machine for me to get to know WindowsPhone. The machine comes with latest version WindowsPhone 8.1 with its latest update Denim out-of-the-box and is ready for the Windows 10. The next big thing from Microsoft, one Windows for all: Smartphone, Tablet, desktop PC and Smart TV.

WindowsPhone is fast, clean, easy to navigate. User doesn’t have to do too much of manual cleaning and regular tune-ups to keep system in its best form. Microsoft has made it very secure and very virus free. WindowsPhone is capable to meet most of your modern-day requirements easily.

Talking about WindowsPhone 8.1 Denim feels somewhat irrelevant now after the announcement of Windows 10 but since that will not come for a few more months so I decided to talk it out for new users interested in knowing about the OS.

Please keep in mind I am not discussing the Lumia 535, but WindowsPhone 8.1

I am probably one of those few people who liked the Tiles based Home screen since it was leaked first. I have Tiles based Launcher on my Android smartphones and had one on to my Nokia N8 too. I felt right at home on that front with WindowsPhone.

Let’s divide this into 2 sections.

– WindowsPhone for new-to-smartphone Users

– WindowsPhone for Me




WindowsPhone for new-to-smartphone Users

If you are new to smartphones, or you want to keep things simple for doing basic things on your mobile device such as some browsing, some of facebooking, calling and texting or Skyping and take these slow, one or two at a time, you will be a happy WindowsPhone customer.

You will also be a happy customer if your choice of games is limited to famous names. New games are coming but not all of them are as good. It is very much like the case of games in Android.

WindowsPhone for Me

Beyond that, even though I am trying to like the OS, but I am not liking it as much as I thought I would be. Yes WindowsPhone is fast, yes it has clean look and of course it is a secure system but I am not a happy user. I am missing so many basic things in WindowsPhone that I do on Android.

I will talk them out randomly, starting now…

I type, and I think I type more on to my mobile devices than on to my desktop, hence virtual keyboard is important. I didn’t like the keyboard in WindowsPhone because I cannot adjust its height to my comfort, I couldn’t turn off its popping letters (I never liked those in any OS) and I cannot get the cursor keys. I have to have cursor keys or something that works naturally and fast to get me to the letter I want to be at as quickly as possible. I didn’t get any of that, and I didn’t get any other alternate either from store and even after 3rd week in, I am not adjusted to this keyboard.

I was not being able to be as active and productive as I am with Android right now. WindowsPhone will grow, apps will be matured but right now it is not for me, and it will not for me if in future these issues remain untouched.

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