Coke vs Pepsi wasn’t enough for the beverage company that in their new commercial they had to go against Tea, Pakistan and probably India and Bangladesh’s most used drink. Debates on social media are mostly not in favor of this act by Coca Cola. Faraz Ahmed pen his thoughts of the commercial, let’s read it in his exact words – after a commercial break?


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I’ve been a coke (Coca-Cola of course) fan for both the product and the advertising since I was in diapers (because I mostly saw global ads but even the local ads used to be nice). After watching this ad, I felt like as if Nescafe’s brand manager called up his bestie (also a Brand Manager) at Coke and went like

“Bro just dis the hell out of tea because even though it’s the most consumed beverage (irrespective it’s hot) in the country, we can easily treat it like we treat minorities in Pakistan”.

So Nescafe established (tried very hard to at least) that kickstarting your day with tea is old school and you need to switch to coffee because well…*Nescafe brand manager* “hum nay factory lagaee huee hai tau baichnee bhee hai na.”


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Then Coke decides that let’s not try and attack Pepsi because “duh direct competition is too lame to attack now and because we are not Pepsi… so let’s think out of the box and OOOOH!! We can attack chai!”. So thus Coke tried to establish you can have Coke during the rest of the day whenever you feel like having tea.

What’s with everyone trying to attack chai? I mean…kaunsa chai wala qarza laykar bhaaga hai in brands ka?

Furthermore in the ad, it’s all good if you wanna have playfulness amongst the two sexes cuz the world loves to do the same. But in the first half of the ad the dude is all like “bharam check karo buss mere” and the girl feels embarrassed to have tea (chai).

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Then all of a sudden the dude is a choocha (bharam-less loser) and the girl gains the confidence to go and grab his bottle winning the bharam battle…AND leaving her chai so easily? *Brand agency* “Bhai woh background sexy jingle bhee tau establish karwaana hai”

Thank God Coke didn’t take the Nescafe female talent model because at least the concept model is some what the same.

Last but not the least, nobody said “Zalima chai tau pila day” in the first place so why such enforced “Zalima chai nahin” in the beginning of the whole line? WOW so original! If only you could have said “Bhung nahin Coca-Cola pila day” your agency n the brand team could have thought something worthwhile.


Review by Faraz Ahmed




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