Our advertisements keep telling our girls to be white. What they are not telling us that they will be white as dead, literally. They show that somehow white girls get the best of the world, that they will be successful in businesses, they will get their dream husband. And in the name of promotion, they are disturbing psychic and spreading slow poisoning materials to one generation after another.

These skin whitening products including Faiza, Face Fresh, Goldenpearl and Stillsmens which are commonly used and extensively advertised in Pakistan find their way to UK illegally. What they discovered was alarming and don’t take our words, hear it from experts in UK at BBC’s report.

Stillman's cream was found to have the highest concentration of Mercury Levels (2)Some folks were surprised to find a famous homegrown skin bleach cream “Stillman’s” at Ulster Museum, Belfast, United Kingdom. You couldn’t even imagine what they read in description for the item they found in that museum in Ireland.

“In 2010 the Chicago Tribune had 50 different skin-lightning products tested for mercury. Five of them had mercury levels thousands of times above the safe limit. Stillman’s cream was found to have the highest concentration of all, at about 3% of this toxic metal! Banned across much of the USA, Canada and Europe, it is still manufactured in Pakistan by a company registered in the USA.”

Stillman's cream was found to have the highest concentration ofMercury Levels (1)

The shopkeepers across the capital have been fined hundreds of thousands of pounds – after being caught selling illegal skin whitening treatments. Alpa Patel reports.

Advertisers will not stop advertising these products in Pakistan and all we can say, stop poisoning your future. Stop using these products if you value your life.




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