Karachi Food Festival Picture by Umer Khan Elahi

Decided to go by 7-8pm and surprisingly reached in 20 mins from Clifton which is a lot of time yes as traffic was a mess but weirdly the Marriot road was not messed up but they had closed the back road of Frere hall but still didnt feel much of traffic and see, its always best to go on Day one of KEF 😀 anyway here is a run down of things we tried out:

NY Cheesecake and Cookie Cake by Taha’s CHOCO MANIA – Cheesecake a must try! The Cookie cake was a bit dry but liked the cookie dough flavour, so good stuff!Thai Red Curry by

Thai Red Curry by Thai Red Curry by Sugaries – Excellent addon to their menu, although the flavours are a bit off with the curry but still a different product by Sugaries, good effort!

Pomegranate and Black Salt Gelato by Saydyz – Wow! Such a blast of Pomegranate and that kick of Black Salt! Another best gelato flavour by Saydyz! Excellent job! Do not miss this, guys.

Smoked Beef Naan by Naan Sahaab – Another new product and venture at the KEF 2017, with amazing fry kebab stuffed naan! Seriously good stuff. Also tried their Stuffed Paneer Naan which was evenly good! Do not miss this guys!

Prawn Tempura by Cyma’s Kitchen – Loved the prawns and they way they were perfectly fried and rolled up in goegeous looking Tempura! Excellent stuff not to be missed!

Beef Tenderloin strips by Meat up – Wasn’t able to take a picture of this amazingly cooked beef strips served with their signature chimichuri sauce! Wow indeed! Serving was small though but really good flavours so do try guys!

Strawberry Parfait and Paan Chocolate by Coco 9 – excellent cup of strawberry parfait with nice crumble at the bottom but their Paan chocolate is Oh my goodness so good guys! Not to be missed trust me guys! Will be going to try more products!

Waffie by Vintage – their new signature product was such a hit these were sold out too soon but was able to get one on their next round, and I must say it was really good. Plus it was chilly and windy so the hot coffee served in this cold chocolate and waffle cup worked really good. Must have guys!

Banoffee by Emaan’s Cakes – Sweet banana dessert with perfect dose of caramel, pretty good stuff guys! Will go back and try more products surely!

Wasabi Prawns by Soi – perfectly cooked and balanced wasabi prawns, clearly one of the best ones in Karachi! Do try guys if you haven’t!

So that was Day one of KEF 2017! Will go back tomorrow as need to try from these:

Fatso’s – french toast / sandwich
Breast and Loin – burger / sandwich
Jucy Lucy – burger
D’oh – churros
Nora got Sweet Tooth – muesli / granola
Amazing Thai – some thai products
Saydyz – strawberry kiwi gelato
Cymas Kitchen – vegetable sushi
Naye Namoonay – paan shot

The event itself was nicely managed. Wheel chair access, baby stroller access were there. No idea of toilets though. Ticket and entry seem flexible but only females were able to get tickets. I felt and found out the crowd was less tonight so lets see how Day two goes! Do try and go guys its good and it’s spacious and this year many Savoury options are present as well as Sweet ones 🙂 took lots of Random pictures so again do visit tomorrow and on Sunday as well foodies of Karachi.

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Photo credit: Cover image by Umer Khan Elahi
Others: Yasir Billoo



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