Will you ever think to step on to on one of these decayed bridges from the photos Muhammad Waqas Memon shared?

[column size=”1/3″]Some years ago city officials decided to take all the traffic signals away to make roads ‘signal-free’ in order to avoid traffic jam. They most certainly believe it was a smart move in their planning but just like everything else, they never thought of what could go wrong afterward.[/column]
[column size=”1/3″]For pedestrians, zebra crossing were removed and overhead bridges were built. How helpful are those to the public is entirely a different topic. We have something far pressing in hands.

Waqas shared these pictures to show the results of neglecting the maintenance of these[/column]
[column size=”1/3″]bridges. The condition of one of those overhead pedestrian bridges in Maripur looks extremely dangerous for the people. Reading in pictures, it is not hard to assume a school nearby and this particular bridge in pictures is a daily route to those students.[/column]

We do not want to put further into writing and wishes everyone to be safe. And we demand people and authorities to do whatever they can to avoid any accidents, with this particular bridge or any other.



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