You don’t know until you have walked in the shoes of a parent with special needs, they’re all unique and the journey isn’t easy!
A great message by Ammara Jamil!

Two weeks ago, I visited a school for special children ( Markaz E Umeed ) along with my friends. Of the other activities we did there, we also a conducted an awareness session for mothers of children who studied there. While conducting the session, I came across two mother who broke down into tears when expressing their concerns and questions.


It turned out that it wasn’t mere the strain of raising a special child that burdened them, but rather the taunts and words of people around them, One of the mother said : LOG HME KEHTE HEN K ZAROOR TM DONO NE (she and her husband) KOI GUNAAH KIA HOGA JISKI WAJAH SE TMHE AISI OLAAD MILI. SB AA K MAAON KO TASALIAN DETE HEN, KOI UNHE KCH Q NAHI KEHTA JO AISI BAATEIN KR K MAAON KI BAD DUA LETE HEN?!

I was at loss of words, knowing that my words and pats alone can’t heal them, knowing that I live in the society, which unfortunately loves to sermon the victim but not apprehend the culprit.

The children I met there literally have the hearts of gold and their mothers, the bravest of all. Respect people even if they are different. Don’t make life difficult for them than it already is. The next time you see someone with special needs, remember that they are AS HUMAN AS YOU ARE! I am not asking you to shower them with love, but at least don’t give them that pitiful look we are so fond of giving someone who doesn’t comply to our so-called-self-set standards.

Can you even imagine the AGONY, the HORROR of a mother when the doctor announces that she has given birth to a child different from everyone’s expectations? Can you imagine the COUNTLESS PRAYERS that mother makes , the intensity of which reaching the point when she implores Allah to exchange her life with the well being of her child? Can you imagine the STRUGGLES with which she bring him up, sacrificing her comforts, her pleasures, her sleeps, only to hear those AWFUL WORDS?!

Or can you imagine that child walking down the road, feeling eyes fall upon him, heads turning in his direction & hushed whispers behind his back? Can you imagine feeling tortured cause everyone around you seems so better than you? Can you imagine feeling helpless for your basic needs?

If not, THEN STOP BEING SO GOD DAMNED JUDGEMENTAL AND ACCEPT THEM FOR WHO THEY ARE! They don’t need our pity, they don’t need our money either. They just want to be treated like every other human being. If our few words of kindness and a look of appreciation can give someone the spark to live, what else is better than that?

I hope people change the way they perceive others. If this post manages to affect even a single being, I’d be honored.

Peace. 🙂

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