say no to cyber bullyOn internet we abused “Freedom of Speech” rights without knowing it. On social networks we can be anything but we choose to be at our worst and sadly we enjoy doing it.

Aysha Khan choose to be the voice of sanity in reaction of a news clip that has been attracting cheap attention seekers lately. We laugh at funny meme’s those social media experts created out of that small news clip without thinking the affects it would have on the victims. Read the image before continue…

Not very funny, and we stand by what Aysha Khan said.

“I am posting with the hope that you all nice and kind people would understand and not become a part of the vicious cycle of online trolling and cyber bullying.

We all know that in Pakistan, girls pass through a lot of ijazat (permission) stages to go out on their own with friends and have fun or go with school/college trips and stay overnight.

These cute and excited girls were probably having the time of their lives in Murree, enjoying the snowfall.

Please discourage all your friends who are sharing memes, jokes and say NO to cyber bullying because teenagers are very sensitive and please don’t contribute in shattering someone’s self-esteem.

Jazak Allah. Shukria.”

Think before you share…



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