A new trend in town, the Oat Granola bars! It seems more and more home based bakers are making this and selling. I ordered these a day before my weekend getaway to Lahore so thought this would be an excellent product to keep with me as I travel.

As known, this is a good breakfast option apart from being excellent resource for any odd time snacking. The Granola bars itself, crunchy, whole wheaty, oatful, with some added bits of fruits and nuts. I got a box of dozen of these and than stored them in a air tight container to take it away and even after a week the Granola bars are crunchy and quite tasteful so I liked the shelf life on these. Personally I would like more nuts and fruits added in these as its more of oats and grains combo. But overall a good product indeed! Good job Sugaries!
(photo courtesy Sugaries)



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