Ramadan Preps Series, Part 1.

Ginger, Garlic, Green chillis and Coriander preservation for Ramadan
For preparing you need:

1 kg ginger – washed, peeled, sliced
2 kg garlic – peeled
½ kg green chillis – washed 
1 big bunch coriander – washed, stemmed, chopped
3,4 tsp salt
cooking oil

Garlic: Peel the garlic, put it in chopper along with ½ tsp salt and ½ cup of oil. Grind it and make a paste. Put it in air tyt container so that you can use it for upto a month. Refrigerate it.
Take 1kg extra garlic, peel, put tsp of salt and mix. Spread a cling film sheet and put the garlic on it. Wrap init. Wrap again one more time in cling film and freez it for long run. When your garlic paste gets finish. Take this out and make the paste.

Ginger: Peel ginger, wash it and make slices. Put it in chopper along with half tsp salt and cooking oil. Grind it  and put in container. Refrigerate it.

Green chillis: Wash them and chopp them in same way. Put in container. Refrigerate it.

Coriander: Wash it, stemmed it and chop. make a pocket of aluminium foil and put all the coriander in it and freez it.


• To add Salt and cooking oil in ginger garlic paste prevent it from fungas.
• Make less ginger garlic paste that would finish within 3 weeks.
• Peel ginger and garlic and freeze it wraped in cling film or ziplock bag. So that you can make paste in between ramadan.
• Put some salt or a piece of tissue paper in ginger before freezing, it will keep fresh for long time.
• Don’t put water for making ginger garlic paste, it gets greeen quickly.
• Use dry and clean spoon everytime when you are using ginger garlic paste. 
• Keep the coriander in plastic airtyt bag or in aluminium foil for its long time freshness.
• Make a thick paste of Coriander along with cooking oil to use it in gravey. 

√Some Kitchen Chores in Ramadan!

1. Clearing out and sorting the kitchen cabinets.
2. Clean fridge and freezer.
3. Clean out maslas and spices and arrange spice jars according to your cooking in Ramadan.
4. General clean up of the home.
5. Make the paste of ginger, garlic, green chillis. Clean out coriander, chop and preserve.
6. Boil chickpeas and beans. Freeze in portions so you can make chaat quickly and easily. You can also prepare and store boondi.
7. Grind sugar in powder form and store in airtight jars u can use it in making juices and chaat so it can easily dissolve.
8. Make some kind of kababz and freez them in small portions.
9. Make samosas, rolls and freez in ziplock bags.
10. Make chatniz like imli and aloo bukharra.
11. Prepare bhallaz for dahibharrey an freez.
12. Freeze tomato Puree in muffin’s tray and later you can freeze them in a ziploc bag.

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