I am Edhi, story of an Inspiring Rickshaw Driver by Kamran Sakrani

“‘I am Edhi’…. For the first time someone using this sentence inspired me today.” Kamran started his Facebook post with these words. He met a rickshaw driver Abdul Salam in Karachi. Let’s hear the rest of it in his own words.

[column size=”1/3″]Today when I was traveling to NED university, Saddar from the Jama cloth area, every single rickshaw driver was asking for no less than 150 bucks, whereas the average fare should be 70 rs. max. After a few minutes, I came across this rickshaw driver who agreed to take me to my destination for only 50 bucks.

Sitting in the rickshaw he said, ‘Do you know driving rickshaw is such a noble job’.

I asked him to elaborate this.

He said ‘Well son, I don’t drive for a fare. My children are all employed and breadwinners of my house. I personally own this rickshaw, and hence every day I drive it to serve people.[/column]
[column size=”1/3″]The other day I was at Jinnah hospital, and a lady with an elderly man was unable to get a rickshaw to Malir. I immediately told her to walk in at whatever rate she wants. She only paid me rs. 250.

Most of the time I drive people for free as well. Even at night, I change my location to far off destinations when I see someone needs help. I don’t loot students like you as well, for its my policy to serve the kids, who are the future hands of this country, and not giving them a reason to leave for abroad. And you know what? God always rewards me.

Yes, God rewards those who help others.[/column]
[column size=”1/3″]An average rickshaw driver earns 5-6 k per day, but I earn 12-13 k. Every time I do a good deed, and drop someone for free, I receive other passengers who pay me well.

“Most of the time I drive people for free, Even at night!”

This encourages me to serve others to the extent that now I don’t even ask for the rate.

I believe in Abdul Sattar Edhi’s ideology, little steps invest in a large climb. Drops of water can build a sea. And this is what keeps me going on.'[/column][/columns]

Abdul Salam is a rickshaw driver from Karachi.



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