Just Eat Karachi Eat 2017

Tag line said “Don’t Speak, just Eat” for on-going Karachi Eat Food Festival but the weather of Karachi has different plans. One cannot eat without going there. Of course then they will speak and they are not happy. (new timings are at the end of this post.)

Karachi Eat Food Festival is not making many friends this year. Their ^family^ policy is talk of social media and center of many memes. Not only men but many of the women openly boycott the festival. Of course many are in favor of safe environment for women.

Karachi Eat Food Festival 2017 Failed Event Memes

I say nature didn’t approve of their ‘family-only’ policy either. Boycott or not but the organizers had to close Karachi Eat earlier at day 1 due to continuous rain at Friday and later they announced entire day 2 off as well. The raining however has not done yet and according to the reports, there will be raining tomorrow too so organizers are forced to reschedule the entire event.

Now festival will resume next week from Friday onwards. Timing will be as follows:

Friday 20th January: 4:30 pm 10:30 pm
Saturday 21st January: 12 noon to 10:30 pm
Sunday 22nd January: 12 noon to 10:30 pm

The venue is Frere Hall, Karachi near Marriott Hotel in case if you didn’t know before, single men are not allowed.

This “Family” policy has been growing on our nerves. But more of that on another time.




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