Lady Rickshaw Driver in Karachi, Breaking the Odds 2Personally, I am never surprised watching a woman driving Taxi, or riding a bike or bicycle in Pakistan. We don’t see women doing these things often enough because they choose not to do it, but whoever take the seat and comes out, no one stopped them. In fact, such acts are always appreciated by others. I can’t say the same for relatives of that lady but that was their personal matter. We recently saw a little girl helping her father in driving his rickshaw, since father was not be able to drive it by himself.

A fellow, Shahmeer Awaan saw this lady driving rickshaw around 9pm. He was surprised and what went through in his mind he shared it on his social profile with hope to inspire others. He took a picture of her and that too was an interesting silent conversation.

“I’ve always been taught that “beta mehnat karney me koi sharam nahi” and I always try to follow it… Today around 9 – 9:15pm, I was with my family. My family had planned to took little jaunt since the government had announced a day off. After having a dinner at Bahadurabad, we headed straight for home when I saw this…

It was so surprising and yet, at the same time, it was inspiring. I looked at the middle-age women. She wearing a burqa and she was carrying the passengers with her. It is very rare for women to drive a rikshaw in the middle of a heavy traffic.

I couldn’t stop myself from capturing that moment. When Ii was taking the picture, she looked at me, smiled, and turn around her head. After a momment she looked again to which I SALUTE her and again she smiled so brightly that I could see her teeth.Women… are always looked upon as someone who can’t

Women… are always looked upon as someone who can’t break the tides. I think we should get an inspiration from her. For every one this courage was beyond any words. A country like Pakistan in where women’s are assumed to hold her house and become a housewife. Sometimes you need to break this odds to go beyond limits.
I don’t know why she was driving a rickshaw but what I saw was all that Dedication, courage and hard work behind that smile.”



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