[column size=”1/3″]It’s very obvious that Kashmiri people love us more than we love, support, talk about them comparatively. I always observe their protest with self stitched Pakistan flag (as there wouldn’t be any official printing approval for Pakistani flag I suppose) and showing it in front of Indian army must be worst than showing Red color cloth to a Bull in Spain.

Similarly, the protest which world media don’t show is Kashmiri people marches with Pakistani flag in different cities of India including their capital would be not just a super brave step but one can imagine how it would be for local Indians.

Imagine if any group protest with Indian flags in Islamabad[/column]
[column size=”1/3″]Having said that, let’s refresh their reaction when 16-17 Kashmiri students were terminated from local Indian University only for cheering and chanting on Pakistan’s win against India when S. Afridi hit two sixes in last two balls against Ashwin.

On other hand, what I feel is our Kashmir cause is unfortunately fading away.

We are more concern about Kashmir day not to come on Sunday than anything else.

I would also like to Highlight a recent observation of our state TV, PTV which in our Childhood or[/column]
[column size=”1/3″]till recent past used to show at least Srinagar City in their Weather News along with other Pakistani cities but now it’s also a gone thing.

Lastly, would like to refresh our Partition history, which was as simple as those states in which Muslims were in Majority will be go in Pakistan and with this respect its a crystal clear case and we pray and should write like this…

Srinagar, Pakistan…[/column]



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