Kanza Majid finds Karachi Eat Festival over-rated and she expresses her thoughts on social media. Many of the readers agreed with her point-of-view. She also suggested few things in order to improve overall experience of one of Karachi’s major large-scale yearly events.

“So I went to the Karachi Eat Festival 2017 today at around 1:00 pm. Overall I’d like to commend the management as it was all properly done. The Marriot road was kept free from traffic, also there were allocated sites for car parking.

The ticket counters and entrance was well done with people from the management to help you on every step of the way. The overall event though was highly over rated.

Majority of the food items were Rs.250 or above. I tried the Khaosuey from Saniya’s Kitchen and it was good but the serving was quite small. Then Zuchero was offering free Smores samples which tasted okayish but it’s the initiative taken of offering free samples that I would like to commend.

Then tried Rajoo’s Gol Gappay (Rs.100- the only item I got for less than Rs.250). anyways the Gappas were stale and the Paani not so good. Desi Galli Channa Chaat and The Sauce’s fries were excellent. Tried Kuiya too, Rs.250 for 4 Cupcake sized hallowed out boiled not baked potato cups one with pizza flavoring and the other was masala flavoured. Not a fan of that, Karamel’s cookie was love though.

Frais Snow Cone shop was a must go-to in this hot winter afternoon, the regular gola for Rs.200 was amazing. Had a mint lemonade and mint margarita from Raseela and it tasted like toothpaste, was sour on the throat and filled with food coloring.

Lastly, Naan Sahab’s chicken cheese melt had a long wait, was fresh but taste wise, average.

Overall I believe the festival is highly Over-rated and is turning into a social gathering rather than a food festival. There are many ways to improve it starting with including more home cooks, New venue with no parking problems and most of all, reducing the prices.”



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