Dr Tahira Facebook Friends Darul Zaief Ramadan Visit

We had a good time with elders of Darul Zaief, breaking fast with them and then shared dinner time. We were gathering of 22, and we engaged the good residents of the old age house with best of our abilities. Most of us clicked from the get go, form a strong bound instantly and some of us, like myself sit back to learn and for, very small talk.

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The same goes with the other side, some clearly having good time, and living those moments to fullness and some were in their own world, somewhere in their deep thoughts, perhaps gagged behind their screaming silence.

We are no NGO if you are wondering. One of us, Dr. Tahira is a regular visitor to orphanage, old age houses across the city. She brings foods and spent time to cheer the sick or left-alone children or olders whenever her busy schedule allowed. This time around she sent an open invitation on Facebook for others to be a part of one such visit.

Group of over 30 individuals formed out of that call and within days this visit took place.

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So this happened, we had a good time, we spent good 3 or 4 hours with them. In fact personally I lost track of time completely. We or say I felt very satisfied about everything but after coming back to comfort of my own home, my head was filled with questions like “what now, for them?”

Will the loneliness of elders be any less for the days ahead or did we make things worst for them, that now they will miss the time they shared with us? Will there be others who will visit them?

And that was the thought that changed my mind about not sharing the pictures taken for our own memories. Very selected few pictures we took, some of us shared on Facebook,

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to show that you don’t have to spent big amount to be a reason for someone’s joy. You don’t need a sponsor to come together as a team to help someone, or you don’t have to be a celebrity to give someone a smile.  You don’t have to be an expert of anything to ease someone’s pain. You just have to be there.

Your presence will be enough.

After sharing those few pictures, others inspired to join our small group of friends on the next trip. Some takes contacts of the place we went. I have got my answers, others will visit those folks and I believe that chain will continue on and on.

This was my first time, and I will make sure it will not be my last.


Dr Tahira Facebook Friends Darul Zaief Ramadan Visit Dr Tahira Facebook Friends Darul Zaief Ramadan Visit



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