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What made you realize that music was your path?
Tayyab: Well, When I was 10, I participated in a singing competition and got first position along with many Prizes. The Crowd went crazy during the performance. The motivation from my family, friends and colleagues made me realize that music was, or infact it is, like any other organ inside me. Since then I have always been curious to explore my potential and expand my boundaries.

How would you describe the music that you typically create?
Tayyab Asif Pakistani SingerTayyab: I am usually interested in creating sad songs with the touch of alternative melodies.

Who are your biggest musical influences?
Tayyab: There are many legends and as an artist I respect all of them but I think Sir Ahmed Jahanzeb is my biggest musical inspiration.

What makes your music unique?
Tayyab: When I compose my music I always try to put the flavour of maximum genres in my song which makes it sound a bit different. Just like a listener who tends to switch between songs depending on their mood, my music tries to accommodate all those moods.

Has there been one particular moment in your musical career that you’re most proud of?
Tayyab: Yes, When I released my first music video KESAY KAHUN, I went out for dinner with my friends and a girl approached me at our table and started shouting in excitement. This was a moment when everyone in the restaurant had turned their faces towards us, followed by a session of autographs and pictures along with her family. The looks of joy on their faces was a sight of relief for me. “keep making our Pakistan proud” They said.

Tayyab Asif Pakistani SingerDo you enjoy writing music and/or lyrics?
Tayyab: Yes, both.

Who are your favorite bands/singers?
Tayyab: As I mentioned earlier, Ahmed Jahanzeb is my pure inspiration. Apart from him I also like to listen Sajjad Ali.

Tell us about your new song, Main Jee Liya?
Tayyab: Well Main Jee Liya is a song full of feelings and I composed it for all of my fans who broke-up. It has a lot of variations. I thank all of my fans or listeners for such an amazing feedback.

How would you define ‘success’ regarding a singer/songwriter?
Tayyab: To me, Sucess is being satisfied with yourself and in case of a singer sucess is satifying your listeners.

Tayyab Asif Pakistani Singer
Would you define yourself as successful?
Tayyab: What I think, there are no limits or boundaries in this field. You need to keep broadning your horizons and still you will find more, so there is no set criteria for success.

If not, what do you feel you would have to achieve to call yourself successful?
Tayyab: Success is very objective and I think it is different for everyone.

Where you see yourself after 4 or 5 years?
Tayyab: I see myself as a proffesional singer with a couple of music albums in my portfolio but obviously future is uncertain so *fingers crossed*

You are the face of Style & Art , how does that feel and few words for Maria Manzoor who take interview?
Tayyab: It’s an honour for me and as an artist I would like to tell you that you’re doing a wonderful job. Keep promoting and Supporting Pakistani talent. Best of luck Maria

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