Danish Alvi, a Talented Pakistani Singer, Interview by Maria Manzoor

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When and why did you start playing?
Danish Alvi Pakistani SingerDanish: I’m talented by birth,in my school life I won naat and singing competitions. My family members, friends and college teachers insisted to start singing because unique voice texture.
I started my signing as profession since 2000.

What does music mean to you?
Danish: Nothing possible without music. Music passionates the soul of people. Music is a love of humanity, music creates role of medicine for broken hearts music is life and every thing.

Which famous musicians do you admire and Why?
Danish: I like Kishore Kumar, M. Rafi, Lata Ji and in Pakistan Amanat Ali Khan sb, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan because they are legends and dominated voice powers

So what’s the hardest thing about being a musician?
Danish: Education, financial support, family support, no earnings during his career start, need huge investment for his music album and videos.

Danish Alvi Pakistani Singer

And what was your story, how did you handle all this?
Danish: After my intermidiates I started job in a construction company to support my self. And started live performances in a Jupiter Band after Jawad Ahmad left. With my job I done graduation… also started work on my album. I done many jobs for the compeltion of my album and one day I done.
What is your assets of life other then music?
Danish: Yes, MBA degree is my big asset of my life which I done after face much complication in my life… My family, my mother is every thing for me love and care of my mother is the biggest asset for me in my life and after life.

Danish Alvi Pakistani SingerWhat have been the most memorable live shows for you and what made it special?
Danish: When I was performing in a get-together and that day was much hard for me to compete and sing the songs of choice for the people… When we finished the concert, a girl came to me. She was weeping because I didn’t sing her song of choice. Then me and all my musicians joined again on the stage switched on the instruments and then I sang her requested song then she left weeps starts cheers and said thanks.

What is your all time favorite song?
Danish: Honto pay kabhi un key mera naaam bi ayay, a ghazal by Amanat Ali Khan sb.

What are the Three things you never forget to take with you when you go out?
Danish: Mobile, my data USB and volet hahahaha

Define yourself in THREE words.
Danish: Done, deal, devil

What state do you think the Pakistan rock scene is in at the moment? Is it all nu-metal or are classic rock/prog metal etc growing on the back of the nu-metal genre?
Danish: MashaAllah Pakistan always rocks in all states and at the moment India needs talent from Pakistan. No all programs against nu-metal genre

Danish Alvi Pakistani SingerWhat has been the highlight of your career so far? Anything else you still want to achieve?
Danish: My two songs Mahi Vay and Jalperi selected for incoming Indians movies. and I want to achieve my goal of presenting Pakistan all over the world as a peace country.

What is your weakest point? And who is your craziest fan?
Danish: I have many crazy fanzz and no weakest point

Given three options which one you will choose & why:
i) fame ii) money iii) power?
Danish: Power, because if you have power, you will get the other 2 options

What will be your message to your fans?
Danish Alvi Pakistani SingerDanish: My message is love humanity, don’t be a party of antagonism, love and care your parents, respllect your seniours and elder.

What is the best way to stay in touch with your latest updates?
Danish: They can join after visit my web site www.danishalvi.com because Facebook links on the site are not fake.

Where do you see yourself after 4 or 5 years?
Danish: No idea

You are a face of Style & Art, how does that feel and what would you say for Maria Manzoor who take this interview?
Yes feel good and I don’t know Maria personaly we are Facebook friends. She is good best friend of mine. She could not be a part of art but she wants to know how the arts lives in the hearts of all artists. I thankful to Maria Manzoor.




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