Jaggery rice puding (gur ki kheer) – Truly a stunning dessert!

It is a very well known punjabi dessert. Pudding (Kheer) is generally sweetened with sugar, and made in a varriety of ways but during winter when fresh jaggery or brown sugar is much available in the market, its use to get aromatic flavour inherent in punjab areas.


1 cup rice (soak for half hour before cook)
½ glass water 
¾ cup jaggery 
2 liter fat milk
3, 4 green cardamoms
dry fruits as your desire


Soak rice in water before cooking. 
In a saucepan melt jaggery with some water and cardamoms. Just disolve jaggery, don’t make syrup or sheera. Set it a side.

Meanwhile, In a wide vessel put soaked rice. Add half glass water and boil till rice gets cooked. 

Pour jaggery mixture through a stainer so that stain partcals remain in saucepan. Cook for a minute. 

Add milk and cook on medium flame till it gets thicken. This  would take about 40 to 50 minutes. 

Garnish with dryfruits, serve hot or cold. Njoy!!

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