Fish fillets———————- 1/2 kg
Salt—————————– 1 tsp
Garlic/Ginger paste————- 1 tsp
Anardana———————– 1 tsp (optional) I recommend it though 🙂
Red Chili Flakes—————– 1 tsp heaped
Yellow food color—————- few drops (optional)
Chickpea flour (baisan)———- 2-3 tbsp or a little more for coating each fillet lightly
Chart Masala——————– as needed for sprinkling on top after frying

Clean your fish fillets and gently pat them dry. This is very important, the fish shouldn’t be watery at all.Apply all that masala’s over the fish except the chick pea flour and the chart masala and keep your fish marinated for 4-5 hours or preferably for best results, overnight. (I left it overnight).
Once the marination is over, apply baisan, rinse off excess and then deep or shallow fry your fish. Apply a wee bit more of the chick pea flour if needed. Just lightly coat your fish fillets. Do not add any water or something to your baisan .Just don’t move the fillets a lot if shallow frying, otherwise the light coating will break and that won’t be pretty to look at as well as eat.
Once fried, sprinkle chart masala on top.



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