​What #Management should learn from #KEF ?

As KEF has become a festival of Karachi, there are some points I would like to highlight.

* Venue should be changed. The chaos of traffic makes it impossible for anyone to use these main roads in case of any emergency. Why don’t they choose Seaview Road. Why not use our beautiful beach, do some lighting, the sunset would also enhance the festivity. Only relevant people would go there. At least the city will not bear this traffic issue for three days.

* If they change the venue I think Parking problem will also be solved

* The prices should not be more than 150/-. Eateries should minimize the quantity and make serving accordingly. People like to try more and more things.

* They should promote Home cooks also, they are emerging talent of our ladies. Stalls should be given to them free or half the price they charge from Restaurants.

* Entry fees shouldn’t be 500/- but at least 350/- should be reimbursed inside. 150/- entry fees is more than enough for management as there are sponsors and they are also charging for stalls.

* There should be one day for men also who have no female to accompany. They also have right to enjoy with their friends and colleagues. Two family days are enough for people who think that men would only there to stare. In fact I think men spend more on eating than staring.

* Before announcing dates please take advice from meteorologists so they would predict the weather and things don’t get messed up as it happened this year.

* There should be general seating arrangement also other than the restaurants are providing as those are not enough.

* There should be a stall of any NGO like Robin hood where people and eatries can give their leftovers so these NGO’s can give it to the needy. Also there should be a box for charity. Whoever wants to contribute, easily can.

* After the festival management also make sure that the venue is cleaned properly.

Not only CKO, some other party should also take initiative and festivals should be arranged for commoners like as Kucha-a-Saqafat was held on Sundays by city govt approx 9-10 years back. On Sundays they can use I. I. Chandrigar Road.

I hope management of CKO will read and implement some of these suggestions for betterment of people and event.



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