These are the scenes from very next day of Karachi Eat Food Festival that ended very late at Sunday’s night. An iconic piece of history of city surrounded by garbage, not a good sight I know. People on social media have gone banana after looking at these pictures. The good thing is, it has been cleaned up by the time of writing. Bagh-e-Jinnah has been restored to its formal glory.

But, one thing these pictures show that we need to put more efforts into garbage management. We have been to Frere Hall a few times and we had to carry empty cans and wrappers in our hands because there are not many trash bins there. And I am talking about regular days. We could have thrown trash in our hands away on the lawn, probably at some point we may have done just that and not remembering it now.

This is where we come to our second point. Garbage collection may have been someone else’s duty but not throwing everything out blindly sure is part of our responsibility first. It is afterall our city and our country. It is our home. We need to be more vigilante about ourselves first before turning beautiful places a mess like we have here.


Photos by Usama Ghufran

Karachi Eat Garbage



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