Elmore Face Wash: Elmore is proud to announce the launch of the face wash range, designed for the fast paced life of our modern day consumers.

The gel formula is easy to apply, small quantity is sufficient for one wash & the tube lasts longer than average. Its compact size is easy to carry around, so you can have it handy whenever & wherever you want to wash your face and get fresh.

The face wash range has 2 variants, designed specifically to cater to the needs of South Asian skin types. The time proven qualities of herbs for skin care are harnessed in Elmore’s Herbal range of face washes. Top quality ingredients are used to ensure gentle yet effective cleansing of the facial skin without over drying it, thus making it look clean, fresh & radiant.

Elmore announced Face Wash range, for Fast Paced Modern-Day ConsumersPurifying Face Wash: With the effective purifying and soothing qualities of natural neem extracts, Elmore’s Herbal Purifying Face Wash is best suited for those who require a daily facial cleansing product that removes dirt & oil build up without over drying the skin.

Cooling Face Wash: Elmore’s Cooling Face Wash gives effective oil control and leaves a refreshingly cool feeling after use. Oil control is the key to preventing whiteheads & blackheads on the skin.

Soap dries out the skin and makes it prone to wrinkles, whereas face washes keep the skin soft & supple, along with customized formulations designed for different skin types to make them appear their best possible. Gel based face washes are milder, which are better for the skin yet they have deep cleansing properties.

Elmore Cosmetics is a product of Evan & Mayer International, a company dedicated to providing quality cosmetic products to its global customers. Our growing line of cosmetic products under the banner of “ELMORE” is just a first step in realizing this goal. Since 1998, under the trade name of “ELMORE”, Evan & Mayer Inc. USA has been developing and Marketing a growing range of Top Quality Skin Care products where they undergo extensive Research and Development and are formulated after rigorous testing of finest American & European ingredients.



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