Edhi Foundation - Legit Issues or Makeup Stories

By now you must have heard about atleast two sets of videos that supposedly showed convercing situations at Edhi Homes in Lahore. The girls who recoreded videos were visiting Edhi Home (Lahore) during a charity event and what they saw ^recked^ their hearts. As of this moment, personally we wouldn’t going to call their act a paid-stunt to defame the image of Edhi Foundation. We will give them benefit of doubt and call it instant-over-reaction, which is very natural. But then there are Facebook Pages and websites that are trying to cash in by flaming this sensitive issue out of propotion and really damaging a name known for their services throughout the world.

This message here is from Maham Ali, who is a regular volunteer and visitor, published on Facebook to answer all such individuals.

There are 2 videos being circulated on social media trying to defame the great Abdul Sattar Edhi.

Shocking to see how low people can stoop to earn a bit of fame and money. Both the women who made the video “exposing” Edhi sahab and his incredible work are apparently models (never heard of them) and it is clear from the videos that they have probably been hired to do this propaganda video against the greatest Pakistani to have lived.

Some people are arguing that we should not discredit someone’s opinion and listen to them patiently. I don’t disagree with that. However, there is a certain way to do such things.

You can’t just barge into a room and ask mentally challenged children “aap ko idhar maar parti hai.”

The children clearly looked scared and gave no answer to the woman. You can’t just walk in, invade their privacy, exploit children and elderly people by making videos without their consent.

The videos have been made from Edhi Homes in Lahore. I have talked to quite a few people who volunteer in Lahore Edhi Homes, I have gone myself to the Edhi homes in Islamabad many times and have also been to Edhi Center in Karachi a couple of times. And we have always seen children being very well cared for, protected and nurtured by the excellent staff of Edhi homes. A couple of weeks after Edhi sahab passed away, I went to the Karachi Edhi center to meet Bilquis Edhi for condolence. Even though it was a very difficult time for them, all the staff was working around the clock tending to the needs of the children.

We have all seen and heard stories of thousands of newborn babies and children being taken care of by Edhi sahab himself as if they were his own children, we have seen children grow up, get married, have children of their own and come back to Edhi Homes because of the love that they were given there.

Like in every large organization, there are always issues of mismanagement and even negligence but to dismiss Edhi sahib’s life long sacrifice for the poor and to say people should not donate to Edhi Foundation is something that most Pakistanis would not tolerate.

People really need to find better things to do than slander national icons.

via: Afia Salam



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