Crowd of 500 gathered at Burger Lab to buy 55 rupees ka Burger

On the way, we wondered what was going there with the huge crowd, but kept on going without knowing. Now the story is breaking Internet for Pakistani users at least. Now we know it was all for 55 rupees ka burger deal by Burger Lab (Sindhi Muslim). Some friends are not excited as those waiting with watering mouth.

After 1 rupees biryani in Lahore, Burger Lab experimented the same marketing tactic in Karachi at one of their stations. Burgers that are priced 350 rupees were available at 55 rupees. Giving discounts is always a best way to earn attention and the clever move paid off for Burger Lab too.

Crowd was excited and crazy seems to be the best fitting definition for them. Burger Lab did an admirable job to deliver the orders.

Just like 1 rupees Biryani at Lahore, the tech was involved. Customers were advised to download an app ‘SimSim’ and registered themselves to earn the hefty discount. There was one burger per account. We probably see the same offer for their other locations too.

“Around 500 people are gathered at Burger Lab located at Sindhi Muslim to have 55-rupee burger. Most of these people are very burger themselves and pronounce burgar as buurgeer.” Asher Mirza shared the picture on his facebook account along with the following message.

“I can also see girls who have no problems with being pushed around because YOLO in 55rs only.” Remember the Family only fiesta going on? Yes he meant exactly that.

(Photo credit: Rohail Siddiqui)

“I talked to this guy who wasted around 2 hours to get a single burger but he was happy like guys getting Certificates in a MUN or a leadership conference. There are also guys who when asked don’t have a gold leaf to give but they are here for 55rs ka burger.

Some new breed of people who call themselves besties but the entire universe knows they are not can also be seen at the venue.

P.S I was at a restaurant opposite to this as I’m not into wasting 2 hours for 55rs ka burger. Yay”

55 rupees Burger Lab offer Photo by Arsalan Hafeez
Photo by Arsalan Hafeez

Do tell how you feel about this deal, Yay or Nay?



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