I work with dedication and commitment today. Only Allah knows what future holds for me.
Ali Imtiaz, talks about music food love and more with Maria Manzoor for Style & Art

Tell us about yourself in detail?
Ali Imtiaz: Well, I am musician from Lahore who works by innovation. My first song Kaisay Jeeyain, had aalap and poetry stuff in it. Then, Yaad Aata Hai had completely reversed music video. Recent one, Allah Bachhaye was Mashup Medley of four songs, and I named it Mashley (laughs). I think all three were one of a kind in Pakistan. And yeah I am religious as well. And when I say religious, I mean very religious.

When did you start singing?
Ali Imtiaz: If you talk about like proper singing, I started in 2011 but wrote my first song in 2009.

What did your family do to encourage you?
Ali Imtiaz: Nah, no support at all from them, rather they are against. But it has always worked out till now in one way or another. All I know is that my singing career will keep on going till Allah wants, and may just even stop if Allah wants.

If you weren’t singing, what would you be doing?
Ali Imtiaz: Actually I am currently last year BBA student at Fast, Lahore. So obviously I would have been in business field after studies. Well actually I will still be, I mean singing doesn’t stop you from doing work

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Do you enjoy writing music and lyrics?
Ali Imtiaz: I literally love both composing as well as writing the lyrics.

Tell us about your lyric writing? What does it mean to you?
Ali Imtiaz: I would say diversity. So far from the songs released one was about cricket, one about romance, two about heartache. But I have written couple of inspirational songs, and there is a song that talks about stopping the hatred.

What’s your motto or advice you live by?
Ali Imtiaz: There are two of them. ‘What goes around comes around.’ And ‘Everything happens for a reason.”

Ten years from now you will be?
Ali Imtiaz: I don’t know, just Allah knows. I work with dedication and commitment today, and that is what my job should be from my end. Only Allah knows what the future holds for me.

What is your favorite food?
Ali Imtiaz: Oh that’s my favorite questions. My favorite food is Biryani, Chicken Plao, Malai Booti, Chicken Jalfrezi, Chicken Shawarma, Makai Ki Rooti, Sarson Ka Saag. And I hope I ain’t forgetting anything else (laughs).

Have you got a target audience for your music?
Ali Imtiaz: No, not really. My music is for everyone.

Who are your inspirations?
Ali Imtiaz: Ali Zafar is my ideal. I am big Shahid Afridi fan and I wish Preity Zinta was my sister.

How would you describe yourself?
Singer Songwriter Ali Imtiaz (3)Ali Imtiaz: I am very friendly and down to earth. You know if I am talking with a stranger for the first time, it would look like as if I know that person since childhood. I used to trust people easily, but I am trying to overcome it these days. Let’s see.

Who are your favorite singers/songwriters?
Ali Imtiaz: Many actually, but if you ask me to name just five. I would say Ali Zafar, Mustafa Zahid, Sami Yusuf, Blue, Machine Gun Kelly, Shreya Ghoshal. That makes it six actually.

Can you tell us about your love life, if you want to tell?
Ali Imtiaz: She – not that much then – is now a prominent celebrity in India. I was madly in love with her but she kind of ditched me.

Do you miss something/someone?
Ali Imtiaz: Yeah, my best friend. She was from KSA and I can’t describe in words how much I miss her. You know there came, lots and lots of ups downs in our friendship, but today I can proudly say that she was most caring and loyal friend I have ever had. She got married this year and I wish that she always remain happy.

Any message you would like to give to your fans?
Ali Imtiaz: Go for your dreams.

How your fans can contact you?
Ali Imtiaz: I have a facebook page, where you can also find my email. I am very active twitter user as well.

Upcoming projects you are working for your fans?
Ali Imtiaz: As I mentioned in start, I work by innovation. Continuing that, for now I am working on first ever trilogy song series. First one was ‘Yaad Aata Hai’, second one is ‘Laut Aana (A Part Of Me)’ and third one is ‘Laut Aana (Long Lost).’ While ‘Yaad Aata Hai’ came out in Feb of this year, other two are yet to come.

You are the face of Style & Art , how does that feel and few words for Maria Manzoor who took interview?
Ali Imtiaz: My immense gratitude for you guys for this, trust me it feels great. And Maria, keep on rocking girl. 🙂




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