Hum sab ajeeb sey hain‘ you will probably make a face when someone ask you to watch a TV show of this name for an obvious reason I don’t need to put in words. It’s a new TV show produced by Aaj Entertainment written by same creative force as the ^other^ show, Dr. Younus Butt. Your possible first impression could be ‘Oh how original! They are doing the Geo thing’ and to be honest, I sit for the show with same mindset but then surprise surprise.

Why I had to sit for the shows is the story for another occasion but I am glad I did. “Hum Sab Ajeeb Sey Hain” turned out to be a drama about a family with modern-day troubles. Yes it was not a stage show or anything like the ^other^ show. Think of something like Family Front, just bigger, crazier, current, more colorful and of course entertaining. After all ‘Naam hi kaafi hey’ fits perfectly for Dr. Younus Butt.

The show aired Wednesday, 8pm on Aaj Entertainment and if the words in air are true, fans will be able to watch the live streaming of show on Facebook and/or YouTube in near future. Hina Dilpazeer, Shabbir Jan, Uroosa Siddiqui, Minal Khan, Danish Nawaz and Ahmed Hassan will entertain you as show’s regular cast. You will notice some characters similar to politicians as well.  If you are interested in watching the show on their Facebook, now is the time to join the Page and let them know on following address:

I have been watching International TV shows for decades and my taste in TV shows has changed a lot. For me the performance still felt over-acted but gladly not over-the-top acted like I have seen some other so-called comedy drama. Legendary titles like Fifty Fifty, Family Front and Guest House are some of the supreme examples where they balanced between acting and over-acting within comedy shows. I would really like ‘Hum Sab Ajeeb Say Hain’ to find similar tone of performance while keeping it colorful.



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