Breaking stereotypes, Al Harmain Dhaba Hotel is perfect place to visit with family.

[column size=”1/2″]Breaking stereotypes, Al Harmain Dhaba Hotel is the perfect place to visit with family. by Tahira Bano.

So finally managed to visit Al Harmain at Al Asif Square and it was worth visiting the place. People are quite welcoming in that area.

It was little difficult to find this place but thanks to Google that helps, plus there was a guy on bike whom we asked and he guided us to Al Harmain. After lots of trouble (as street was congested and we haven’t had idea that we are supposed to park car outside)[/column]
[column size=”1/2″]When we managed to get into that street the waiters guide us to parking area to park our car. After parking we walked to Al Harmain. People were quite Mahmaan Nawaz and respectful, more than any five star hotel staff.

It was not very neat and clean, but an average place, Boti was too tasty, I don’t like Bar.B.Q much but even I had 6 seekhs.Must visit place, I like these makhaanay. There is shop at front of hotel they sell it in only 30 rps. I Didn’t like their Qahwa as it was different in taste. I will suggest must visit this place to have Afghani food.[/column]

Totally bill was 750/- for 14 seekhs, Afgani pullow and raita salad with cold drinks plus qahwa.
Candies were complimentary.



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