We often get to know inspiring individuals from developed countries through viral posts on social network sites. In our part of world we don’t get to see it much, not because we don’t have these type of people but because we don’t like to show-off our good deeds and we are not supposed to. On other hand, I personally believe that our nation and today’s world need to know that these people exist. They are the hope for others.

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It’s far better to be blind by birth than behold beauties and colors of this world for some time and never ever able to explore it again for rest of your life. I am a visually impaired person, but It wasn’t always like this.

When I turned 7, my parents noticed that my vision is not sound. They took me to a doctor who assured us that I will be fine by the time. But Instead of Improving it kept on deteriorating, eventually I had to leave the school and study at home.

Then came the darkest day of my life when Doctors informed me that you will have to live with blindness for your entire life.


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I had set some goals for my life that I had to abandon, It was as if I was locked up in a dark room and forced to live in it forever. I was left with two options one that I stay in that dark room for my entire life and other was to struggle for my goals.

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I chose the latter. I resumed my education at special school first, then got masters degree from University of Karachi. Became a trainer, motivational speaker and worked as a Radio jockey too.

I have formed an organization named “Inclusive Pakistan” which aims to work for rights of disabled persons and building a society that includes them in all fields.

I wrote for different publications and have been interviewed several times by print and electronic media.


P/W: Hussain Hyder / Kainat Jamali
via Muhammad Waqas Memon



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