Madiha Salam witness an accident as it happened near Johar Chorangi, involving a couple with their 2-month old baby girl on the bike. Like many others, Madiha noticed the reason of this particular accident and decided to do something for the awareness and for the sake of our own safety on bikes. Read her in her own words.

The lady’s abaya got rolled in the bike tire and the bike got stuck and rolled over. The Kid was thrown off quite far off due to the impact but Alhumdulliah she was perfectly fine with a little scratch on the chin and her clothes getting dirty, but her mother was severely injured; got head injuries, eye got a bit effected, hands and feet were badly bruised and some slight cuts else where.

Fancy Bike Chain Guard CoverThe simple reason was the bike didn’t have a chain guard/chain cover. It’s a kind request from all of the people who ride bikes, please aid your bikes with this safety precaution and for all the ladies who sit on the bike, please gather your duppatas and abayas carefully before you move on. This small a matter can lead to serious accidents and in short it can be death trap.

I had always heard that Allah assign angels for the safety of the kids until the age of 4-5. Saw this with my own eyes today; it was such a eman booster MashAllah.

Need to add in here that people who have children under this age don’t make your children wear pictorial clothes because according to a hadith angels don’t come near pictures thus the automatic safety arrangement fails in here…

Stay safe and keep your families safe…

Source Well wisher Madiha Salam



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