By Ammar Shah

Dear prisoners of the western media hypnotism!  While giving a gift, card, treat to your mothers, ask them, have they ever done / celebrated such day to their mom? Now western family shattered system will teach us what day of the year you make your mom, dad, wife, husband special?

If the date change from 8th May to 24th November, we feeling love to our moms on that day then? Sorry to those who practice and defends it but for me, if I ever wanted to insult my mom I would celebrate this ‘Look-Good’ sh** as this would mean.

Dear mom since I came to know few years or decade back that it looks wow to pass on love to you so I am also doing same… take this cake and treat from me. They telling me when to gift your mothers? Now why I would say against it because its always a ‘easy way out’ approach to make someone important for ‘A Day’ compare to have a similar level respect and approach on daily basis 365 days a year) indeed me and many don’t do exact same infect at time being disobedient and disrespectful toward parents but that’s actually the daily exercise of being as close as level best suppose to be doing without even a Sunday off throughout the life.

Our Birthday comes once a year so its easily feel good to lighten up the event for that one day but imagine if birthday would be celebrating everyday? Even we would have given up after couple of year when friends and families would not just stop giving you daily gifts and cakes (you are not that good kid!) they even won’t be sending you wishes.

That’s the daily level (unfortunately in today’s world use the word ‘challenge’) but a blessings to set similar unchanged treatment, respect the Parents deserve. 365 Days A Year.

Hadith : Heaven in under the feet of your (not Wife/GF/BF/Boss/Money people.. etc) but Mother.

When your parents reach to old age, don’t even say “ooh (uff) to them. [#Quran]

Hadith : Anything which can make your forgiveness after God are your Parents.

Note: Non of these three teachings get close on 8th of May every year.

Now this west won’t be teaching you, it would teach you old fashion left out theories but that’s actually one of the purposes of our lives. This standard has to be maintained thorough out.

Easy to think, write and share, May God make us practically doing it as well. Aamen



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