Smart Phones in Pakistan that Support 3G

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As 3G Network is officially active in Pakistan and mobile connection companies are providing 3G enabled sim cards, more and more smartphone users are interested to know which models are 3G-ready. Specially about smartphones from local brands such as Voice or QMobile since it is not easy to know by looking at their specs yet to see which models can support 3G connectivity.

We gathered up this particular information for our readers in Pakistan in the following table:

Voice 3G-Ready Smart Phones

Models   Price Detail
Xtreme V30 Black Voice Xtreme V30 Rs. 11,700
Xtreme V35 Black Voice Xtreme V35 Rs. 13,000
Xtreme V40 Voice Xtreme V40 Rs. 13,500
Xtreme V60 Voice Xtreme V60 Rs. 17,900
Xtreme V70 Voice Xtreme V70 Rs. 19,500
Xtreme V75 Voice Xtreme V75 Rs. 20,900
Xtreme V90 Voice Xtreme V90 Rs. 29,000
Xtreme X5 Voice Xtreme X5 Rs. 39,000

* Prices as of March 2014.

More models will be in list as we get information.

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