Should You Buy Used Samsung Tab3 (T217S), Dual-core 7-inch Android Tablets in Pakistan?

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Samsung Tab-3 T-217S

These days in Karachi (and maybe in other cities of Pakistan too) when you browse market for buying a tablet, or better say a used tablet, you will hear about Samsung Tab3. Samsung Tab3 is available mostly at 13,500 Pakistani Rupees. These used Tab3 have dual-core processor with 1.5gb RAM, 7inch display, with 3G sim. Keep in mind these are NOT for GSM functions, means you will not be able to use this tablet as a Phone or for SMS.

Samsung Tab-3 T-217SWe have got our hands onto one of these Samsung Tab3 for a couple of days and we took our time to bring you our feedback and of course, some videos.

Although Samsung Tab3 is a dual-core Tablet, and I have told others not to go for a dual-core machines but this product sure is a keeper.

We tried a number of games, play various format of videos, and did mix of several other things in the short time and everything works great as you can see yourself in our compiled video.

Samsung Tab-3 T-217SButtery smooth and responsive touch, quite a nice screen, great sound output from speakers although we are not happy with the location of speakers. They are installed at the side of device and blocked by our hands during game play.

With the short time we managed, we couldn’t test charge and battery timings but I believe the device can easily provide users about 6 hours at least and some.

There are front and back cameras; no Flash support for camera. Photo quality is average indoors.

For 13,500 pkr, I think this product, Samsung Tab3 is a very good deal and you should go for it. Just make sure to buy from a trusted dealer, who does not sale a repaired (aka refurbished) device to you.


Samsung Tab-3 T-217S vs Ainol AX1 Samsung Tab-3 T-217S Samsung Tab-3 T-217S Samsung Tab-3 T-217S Samsung Tab-3 T-217S Samsung Tab-3 T-217S Samsung Tab-3 T-217S vs Ainol AX1 Samsung Tab-3 T-217S vs Ainol AX1 Samsung Tab-3 T-217S

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