Should You Buy EVO Tab at 18,000 Pakistani Rupees Today?

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You must have seen the recent PTCL EVO Tab’s posters plastered everywhere and their commercials running on the TV channels at prime time slots. A dual core 7 inches Android 4.0 (aka Icecream Sandwich) based Tablet for 18,000 Pakistani rupees with 3 months unlimited (God knows how much GB bandwidth they are calling unlimited this time) free Internet access using built-in 3G. After 3 months you will be paying for the Internet you will use. It sounds a good if you are an average consumer looking to update your tech trend and want to be one of cools.

But in reality, compare to the devices available for the same price point, or the specs range today at the time of writing this piece (October 2013) EVO Tab is an over-priced, outdated piece of machine.

The current wave of tablets available in Pakistan’s market are Quad core, a GB of RAM, at least 8gb of internal storage, made by well established brands are priced under or around 15,000 Pakistani rupees.

And if you look more into the market you will easily find even better deals for a lot better spec tablets, with the slightest affordable compromises. For example the one I have been checking – Ainol Novo7 Numy AX1 Dual Sim GSM 3G built-in 7 inch Android 4.2 JellyBean Tablet (or phablet?) for 14,000 Pakistani rupees and less.

I tried to find the manufacturer of EVO Tab but return empty handed however one thing is for sure it is not Samsung. My guess is Huawei because in Pakistan they are lead supplier of these equipments and their quality is trustworthy. Yet even their latest tablets cost less and pack double the power.

Having said that, you now have right to ask if this EVO Tab is a complete waste? No. It will not be a fast device, it will not run many of the fascinating games you must have heard or seen Android users are playing, but it will take care most of your basic tasks very well. Such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Internet Browsing, Skype, watching movies and songs, games from very big collection and several other things – not necessary to do them all at once due to 512mb of Ram and 4GB of storage. With 512mb of RAM you will not enjoy the widespread world of Android apps but you will get enough to taste it. You will of course love the display.

My advice as always is to go online to do some basic research before you go out to buy a computing device including Tablets, or SmartPhone. Do not be lazy to walk into shops and ask the prices, push dealers to find the minimum price they can get to before finalizing your deal. Buying online without checking your China computing devices is not a good idea for now.

Also always search for the public reviews, always search your desired electronics item with ‘problem’ and ‘trouble’ type of keywords to get familiar with the known issues.

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