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This is one of the things I have been asked many times by others and to be honest, I asked the same in the beginning too. So if you are a proud Nokia user, using a Nokia Symbian^3 smartphone, happen to be an active facebooker too, and manage facebook pages and/or groups, you might find yourself in odd position when while using facebook on your Symbian^3 smartphone you desperately want to share a post to your facebook page or group but none of available mobile facebook clients help you with it, including facebook’s official mobile web interface with its newly introduced ‘Share’ function, which only allow you to share posts on your personal profile.

Luckily the solution is closer to you than you think. In few easy steps you will be able to share any post, any picture on your facebook page or group while on your Symbian^3 smartphone.

Before proceeding, keep in mind that:
– this process will be slower than your average PC or laptop so be patience while doing it.
– full facebook site is heavier than regular mobile facebook site and will take too much of data
– on regular gsm/edge based Internet connection site could feel extra slow depending on network’s speed

Let’s get started

Step 1: Install yourself Opera Mobile if you don’t already have it. Install it from Nokia Store or

Step 2: In Opera Mobile, Convert your User Agent from Mobile to Desktop. You will find it under Opera Button -> Settings -> Advance -> User Agent -> Desktop

Step 3: Open the Facebook site using
Note: You can always use to access mobile version of facebook website

At this point you are half way there, read carefully before start sharing facebook posts. Because regular facebook site open the image or share box in same page, it stress system and browser, causing them to work very slow, or even crash at times.

Step 4: To avoid any problem, open the picture you want to share in a New Tab. Tap and hold on to the picture you want to share, you will get a popup with options to open link in a ‘New Tab’.

Step 5: From here it is easy again, find the Share option under the image and tap on it. You might want to zoom in to it too.

Step 6: Zoom out to view full page, let the share box load first. Choose where to share and Share.

Close the tab when you are done sharing to keep the load on your smartphone and browser to low.

On N8, I am able to open upto 4 tabs for sharing contents around without serious crashes.

Try it and happy sharing.

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