Setup, Important Apps, Stores, Tips to Best Performance for Nokia X, X+ or XL

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Nokia X X+ XL Best Performance Apps Tips

Nokia X, X+ and XL are affordable Android smart phones, made for users who may have been using simple mobile phones and will be experiencing smart phones (or Android) for the first time.

Time to prepare your Nokia X (X+ or XL) to its Finest possible Performance. But there are a few things you should keep in mind first.

a. Smart phones are different from regular mobile phones. They are capable to do so much more compare to simple phones and they need extra care for the best performance and battery life.

b. Nokia X series are Android phone but they are not made for doing heavy apps and games and that’s why they are “Affordable”. You will be facing many limits and we will guide you how to make the most out of those limits.

c. Unlike simple phones, smart phones take up more battery juice. Their battery usage depends on many things such as app active in background, type of apps you use, your interaction with the device, screen brightness, vibration and Wi-Fi or sim’s signal quality.

Let’s do things one step at a time.

– Uninstall unwanted apps to get more storage
– Install useful Tools for Performance
– Install useful Apps
– Multi-tasking Setup (in different post)
– Learn to increase battery life (in different post, coming soon)


First Step: Remove Unwanted Apps

Nokia gives many apps and games with the device but because the memory is limited so you check each and every app and Remove or uninstall apps and games you do not need by following method:

Find “Settings”. Find “Apps”, go to “Manage Apps”. Look for the app you want to remove.

Nokia X App Management

Tap on the app you want to remove and find the “Clear Data” button. Tap on it first. Then “Uninstall” the app.

Nokia X App Management

Use Back button to continue with removing other unwanted apps the same way.

Clearing data is important so useless data files do not left behind to take the storage space.


Step 2: Moving apps to card

Apps normally install in Phone memory and sometimes part of their support files store in Internal Storage. Some apps can be moved from Phone memory to Internal Storage. But users have to do it manually and it is always a good practice to do it.

In the App’s Detail under Settings, you will have to go to apps one by one to know if an app can move to Internal Storage from Phone memory.

Nokia X XL App to Memory Card

You will notice the button “Move to Memory Card” either enable or disable. Move the app when you can.

Note: App will move to Internal Storage which is approximately 1.3gb in Nokia X (out of 4gb).


Step 3: Installing Apps

Some apps are important. If Nokia did not include them in the device you need to install them.

1: Android App Stores for Nokia X series

Yes, stores; as in more than one store to install Android apps in your Nokia X, X+ or XL. Let’s set up the stores.

Nokia X XL App Stores

Look for Store app from Nokia. Inside Nokia Store app, find “Other App Stores” and from there install 1Mobile Market app.

You can also install “Mobogenie” app store.

Both these stores and Nokia Store will be sufficient for all your important Android app requirement. You can install 3 other store apps available in Nokia Store too.

2: Memory and App Manager

Apps and Games you run in Android phones left in the memory and from time to time you need to clean system’s memory using an app. This is important to increase battery life and better performance of the device.

Nokia X Power Tool Widgets

I prefer using ES Task Manager app for the clean-up services. The app comes with a widget that you can add to your home screen and do the cleaning by a single tap.

3. Power Control Widget

Android comes with many Widgets, small tools that you can add to the home screen. One of most important and useful tool is “Power Control”.

Add Power Control to the home screen and you can quickly toggle on and off different services such as Wi-Fi or GPS, change screen brightness. This will help you increase your battery performance.

4. Internet

Nokia’s default browser is still slow God knows why. If you find it slow too head to Store, download “Opera for Android” or “Chrome”.

“Dolphin Browser” and “UC Browser” are also good, “FireFox” however is heavy for Nokia X, perhaps in Nokia X+ and Nokia XL will run it fine so try it.


5: Multitasking

Multitasking is done by FastLane, which is basically a notification center. But you will learn some limits and to fix that find yourself “Quickly Recent Apps” app in the store and follow the instruction. It is an easy app to set up.

Here is a Tutorial.

5. Google Maps

You cannot install much of Google apps but luckily you can install Google Maps and Earth apps. If Nokia Here Maps is not enough for you, you can uninstall that and install Google Maps.

6. PDF Reader

4 inch screen and above are good for e-reading and we all have to deal with PDF file once in a while so install Adobe PDF Reader to your smart phone. It is a Free app.

7. Office Document Editor

If you work on Microsoft Documents such as Word or Excel files, find “Kingsoft Office”. It is the Best Free Office app you can install on your Android smart phone. There are other apps too for the purpose.


Keep in mind Nokia X, X+ and XL are not made for best gaming experience. To play heavier games you need to buy expensive Android. But Nokia X series can handle most of the popular games very well.

There are number of good games we tried, you can see the videos in our website and install the one you like to play.

Do not disappoint if a game you like lag or doesn’t support your mobile at all, try next one. Do not forget to Clear Data and Uninstall the ones that are not working.

Here you can find videos of Games on Nokia X

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  1. asma says:

    Comment changer nokia x en android ,aide moi ,j ai installer google play mais il est vide

  2. asma says:

    Comment changer nokia x en android ,aide moi,j ai installer google play mais il est vide ,

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