Review: Writer for Android is Simplest Writing Application Without Fuss and Distraction

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Writer for Android“Writer is a writing application without the fuss and distraction of traditional word processor” says James McMinn the developer of Writer for Android.Writer is a simplest free text editor available on Android, with a twist that standouts and make Writer more functional from hundreds of other pure text/note editors available in Google Play.App developer designed Writer to avoid distractions during the writing process so you focus on your typing as you do your creative thinking. You will not find much of the formatting options, in fact you will not find ANY visible formatting option at all because the available formatting options are done through character commands such as *, # or -.For example # is a Headline in Writer, *will be Italic* and **is BOLD**. You can view the rest in video, or better download it for a try.

Output of Writer saves as text file and that’s very much it. There is no share option either. A welcoming document comes with the Writer also serves as a Help file.

I like Writer but Will I be using it for my writing? I don’t think so because as much as I like to have a quick and simple app to write down notes and articles, Writer is just too simple for my requirement even though I did like the use of character commands/tags for formatting. I am very happy with the Notes app.

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