Review: Voice Xtreme V10

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Voice Xtreme V10 Review

7,300 Pakistani Rupees is the price of Voice’s latest, very budget Android Smart Phone Xtreme V10, available with the warranty from United Mobile. If this price tempting you to know more about this smart phone then you are at the right place. You will know everything we come to know after using Xtreme V10 personally.

Before reading on keep in mind we are talking about a very low specs Android Phone priced only Rs.7,300, produced by a company having not much ground experience of Android systems at the time of releasing.

Xtreme V10 from Voice have got 1.2ghz dual core processor, dual sim Android 4.2 (Jellybean) smart phone and 3.5-inch IPS screen as some of the main attractions for you to love this tiny mobile. But you will hate V10 for having only 256mb Ram, from which you will get 140mb to install the apps from Google Play Store. V10 requires an SD Card to work properly, which you will have to buy extra. With an 8gb SD card V10 could cost you about Rs.8,000.

I love the size of V10. It is truly pocket-friendly and easy to work with one hand. 3.5inch screen is decent to do average mobile internet browsing and online conversations on the go.

The 3.5inch IPS display in V10 maybe not the finest, but it is a nice display to look at. Don’t ask the PPI, don’t go after the numbers because the images and videos are good enough, reading text anywhere is comfortable. And most importantly it is not bad in the bright sun light. what more one need for Rs. 7,300?

You will find a front facing camera but here are no proximity or light sensors. In a call the screen turned off after a few seconds in call, but in the mean time accidental touches are possible. And you need to adjust screen brightness manually when the light condition changes. Which can be done from one of Android’s widgets ‘Power Control Bar’.

The touch is good and it is a capacitive screen so you will not have any trouble navigating the phone. Navigation is smooth out of the box but upon installation of various apps, system will show its affects.

Like I said above, V10 is perfect pocket friendly size and easy to operate single handed. Upon holding the set it feels solid enough but try not to drop it. We are not planning to do any drop test but it feels it can’t take dropping very well.

Screen is not a gorilla glass or with any other kind of protective glass so better be sure to get a screen protector fixed to avoid scratches.

3mp Camera on the back is good for the price. Fairly average in quality in good light conditions and not so good indoors. Do not compare it with the likes of Nokia Asha.

Support of an LED flash is available but I don’t think it is any help other than using it as a torch in the darker areas. Flash’s light is not very bright either. I have seen better flash light in cheaper handsets.

Internet browser is important for any smartphone and default Android browser is good enough to give a good browsing experience on smaller 3.5 inch display. Of course handset will show some lags during larger sites. The trick is to let the website load completely before start exploring the contents.

Other browsers available on Android such as Opera Mini or Chrome can install on V10 but keep in mind you have got very small amount of memory and last thing you may need is multiple apps for same function.

To zoom in and out, Pinch and double tabs work throughout the browser. Using Google’s Map application shows how well the browser serve with V10’s dual-core processor.


Small screen helps dual core processor to run things smooth however the low amount of ram and lack of a proper GPU doesn’t allow users to install or play any intense game. You will be playing one or two simple games. So far the ones I tried on V10 works good and you can watch them in videos by yourself.

You can check the games that we play on Xtreme V10 here.


Since it is an Android running on a low spec machine, it is natural to concern lags or delays. Good news is that in general uses the delays are almost not noticeable. UI is smooth however when you go in and out to a heavy app such as Skype or Facebook, you will have to wait for a second or 2 to get back to home screen. Same goes for a game or browser after you browse a big site.

In short the lags are minimum unless you run heavy apps, then you will see 1 or 3 seconds of delay. Overall I was not bothered by any lags or delays in my regular use after I understand where and when I will get the delays.

Charge and battery time are decent and so is the sound quality from both speakers. Limited apps that I installed gave me no trouble. Browser crashed a few times during surfing.

Normally battery giving me 2 days on minimal use, with WiFi on and active 24/7, I believe with regular use of V10 users can get a day of battery time.

With dual sim plugged in, the battery tend to drain faster. I am still not sure if it is because of very weak signal reception from the other mobile service or it is simply due to double active sim cards.

Note: Weak signals consumed more power in any mobile.

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2 Responses to Review: Voice Xtreme V10

  1. john says:


    In your reviews for Voice V10, can you also kindly review the GPS and navigation performance. As phones using low end MediaTek chipset are known to have very long GPS fix time even with A-GPS (5-10 mins) as compared to Qualcomm chipsets (5-10 seconds).

    Your feedback in this respect would be very helpful for my mobile phone selection.

    • FireDragon says:

      It concerned me too due to same issue but surprisingly it picked our location within seconds. I also have Ainol AX1 tablet and that takes forever to our detect location. I did made video of Maps earlier, I will post it soon.

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