Review TaskBar W8 for Android add Windows Start Button

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In my opinion Windows Start button is one of the best things happened to computers. It made many of us feels at home at other platforms, a reason I believe every popular OS has an App to simulate Windows Start button.
Taskbar W8 for Android

I found some apps for the same purpose on Android before but Task Bar W8 is doing things way better. My cousin saw it the other day at my tablet and installed it right there and then on to his unit. I am not planning to remove it, infact it is now in my “Install First” list.

TaskBar W8, as name states is not only the Start button, it is full Windows Task Bar with a Start menu that contains list of all installed apps you have and some Settings items such as WiFi switch, Display Brightness Slider. You have control what Setting items you want to have on top.

Taskbar W8 for Android

Taskbar W8 for Android

The Start button stays with you in every app you use. You can control its transparency level. You can drag Start button along with screen’s edge. Tap it and either Task bar or Start menu appears at the bottom. You can set position of Start menu to left or right in settings.

From customization options you can create regular or special folders in the Start menu. For example special folder named “Recent” will track the apps you recently used using the TaskBar. In free version you are limited to create only one folder at a time.

You can “Pin” your most used app to the task bar as well. In free version you can Pin one. Premium version will open up the world of folders and pins for you, among other useful things.

There is a search box in Start menu box to filter the list of apps. It shortlist the apps as you start typing. Long press on a Start menu item will pop menu for more options. You can hide an app from this list, move an app to folder.

TaskBar itself stays hidden until you tap the Start menu, in the options you can set to use Start menu without the Task bar. Like Windows, task bar will show the application you have running in background. A tap will bring that app up. A long press will close that app.

Taskbar W8 for Android

There is a Kill All button on task bar to clear the memory.

Great work from the developers to make this app one of very useful to navigate an Android Tablet or Smart Phones with really large screens aka Phablets. Try it for free yourself.

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