Review: Ainol Novo7 Numy AX1 (aka Poseidon) Android GSM Tablet

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Tablets are latest growing trend in Pakistan and the hottest device that is keep getting out of stock right after arriving is Ainol’s latest offering is 7inchs Novo7 Numy AX1 also known as Poseidon in many other parts of the world. How hot and in-demand this new tablet is? We had to track this baby down for 15 days all over the place before we finally manage to get one for ourselves before the stocks dried on us again.
And the wait was worth it.
Novo7’s latest family member is pack with about everything you can imagine to be in your perfect tablet for this price, of course with a few compromises to keep the price under 15,000 Pakistani Rupees. But IF you are well connected in the market, you can find very good deal.
First thing to go is the last season’s processor and GPU. GPU now is one of the highlights in AX1 for geeks where for consumers BlueTooth, Dual GSM and 3G sim slots, FM Radio and GPS chip would do the trick. These Quad core units are much faster and smoother than the previous ones I have checked. Rest of the specs are as follows:
  • Android 4.2 Jelly Bean
  • Official Play Store Access
  • CPU  MTK8389 Quad Core
  • GPU  PowerVR SGX 544MP
  • 1GB Ram, 8GB internal storage
  • Micro SD Card/ T-FLASH Support up to 32GB
  • Complete Phone functionality Support
  • Dual Sim GSM and 3G support inbuilt
  • Dual camera with flash for main 5mp camera
  • Bluetooth
  • FM Radio
  • GPS
  • HDMI
  • 1240×600 screen resolution
  • USB OTG Support
On the weaker side company compromised with
  • Screen type, not IPS
  • Very Sharp Edge, uncomfortable to hold
  • Power and volume buttons are sticking out and pressed accidentally very often
  • Should be either 16gb Storage or 2GB Ram
  • Very low sound for me, but sound quality itself is good
Well, personally none of the compromises holding me down from having a good experience of using Numy AX1. You can always avoid sharp edges or buttons by changing angle of palms and fingers. It just takes a little time to get used to it.
Speed and experience is great. Heavy games that I saw slightly lagging during the game play on few other tablets are smooth on Numy AX1.
Browsing is fast thanks to really improved wifi this time, signals are strong compare to my last tablet. I noticed the browsers are fast as well, so it is not only the improved hardware but improved software too.
I believe Android Jelley Bean 4.2 is also contributing in faster speed and overall better performance in this device.
I installed one of my regular sims in Numy AX1 and to my surprise it is getting stronger signals at dead zones within the house. Our location is a big dead zone for any mobile company. Very few connection manage to stay barely alive inside the walls so I was NOT expecting a single bar at all in a low cost ^China^ device.
Screen, for a low tech display looks better for me. I did not have had trouble using the lowest resolution before anyways. Brightness at the lowest point is still very good indoors lights that I actually had to check twice if the brightness is not up around 50%. I did a quick outdoor run and it was not too bad either. You wouldn’t be able to see anything sideways thought.
I am killing my battery twice a day like clockwork from 100% full charge doing mix of every thing, in which installing apps, extensive browsing, at lowest display brightness, wifi always on, sim always active with the low signal zone that itself is a battery killing task. All extra notification sounds and vibrations are turned off. I get 5 hours of work time. On my last tablet it was same time but for far less specs, lowest screen resolution and brightness.
I don’t know about others but I check browsers/browsing speed using Facebook’s full site on a tablet or a smartphone. Facebook’s full website sucks the life out of any system. Browsers other than Opera Mobile Classic on Numy AX1 did wonderful job driving it with good browsing experience on full Facebook website. Opera Mobile Classic felt slightly slower but handles things much better. Now I don’t have to use Facebook’s mobile alternates anymore, which means I can operate my Facebook Pages million times better.
All in all, you must have got the idea I love this new device despite some of its obvious weaknesses. The price is great, performance and built is superb. Very satisfying for now and I hope it will stay this way for a long time.
If I will find or face any serious trouble, it will be shared on these pages with the solutions hopefully, so keep an eye out to us.
And I will be recording video to demo new games and apps for my blogs, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and DailyMotion.
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43 Responses to Review: Ainol Novo7 Numy AX1 (aka Poseidon) Android GSM Tablet

  1. Anonymous says:

    should I go with this one or Asus MeMo Pad HD 7. Please advise.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I bought that tablet 2 months ago.i m facing problem with camera and speaker.when i take photo its camera auto focus and pic came unclear. And when i play music its back speaker doesn’t works. But when i press upper side of tablet it start working with noise. Any suggestions.

  3. Naved says:

    :( and unfortunately yesterday the tablet slipped out of my hand and its screen from below gets damaged,three virtual button on bottom are not working now, any suggestions to make it, can this be repaired ?

    • Munir Rahool says:

      Oh, this is very unfortunate my friend. You can use Virtual Buttons by turning tablet around. Screen can repaired but I suggest to find someone with experience. I have list of bad examples how so-called experts attempt to fix and ruined it completely for owner of tablets.

  4. Naved says:

    Thanks mate I got it, one more query , I have ptcl evo 3.1 model ac2726 which is not supported to wifi, how can I directly use it ? currently I connect my laptop with ptcl evo and use it as virtual router by using tool connectify me,but I want to use the ptcl evo 3.1 ac2726, I bought the connecting cable but cudnt connect.

    • Munir Rahool says:

      Glad to be a help, buddy. About Evo, technically it should connect automatically and easily using OTG cable. Personally I never got a chance to try it, my cousin is using another Cubee’s connection using USB with same tablet. And I heard Evo connect to it too as easily.

  5. Naved says:

    Can you please let me know a little detail about how can i use SD card ? i have seen there is no slot for SD card in numy ax1,my idea was i have 16 GB of USB, i copy all my movies in 16 GB USB and i connect USB with the data cable provided in the KIT.

  6. Anonymous says:

    if i buy than how to know that its english version or chinese version

  7. Naved says:

    can i attached external usb and watch movie through connecting data cable with usb ?

    • Munir Rahool says:

      Yes, you can do that but I would suggest you to use SD card, copy it there and play movie from card. OTG Cable and the USB connector are sensitive parts to any handset and should use to minimum as possible.

  8. Awais Sarwar says:

    What about the GPS performance? Is it assisted or both?

  9. prince bilal says:

    or is ka camera result kesa hai

    • Munir Rahool says:

      I am using Gazz’s sim, sahi chal rahi hey. Camera may kujh disturbance hey, close up shots buhut achey hain laykin door ka focus acha nahi karta. Software issue hey shaid. 2 tablets may check kiya dono may same tha.

  10. prince bilal says:

    nice tablet yar kya ye pakistan mai sim uthay ga

  11. priyali sen says:

    sim locked h how to use it on indian network…ainol ax1 unlocked kaise karuu

  12. Anonymous says:

    koi sale kr rha h toh mere se rabta kare 03322485551 Najaf

  13. mohsin says:

    Dear, could you please tell me the space available for installing applications? Is it also 8GB or less than that? Thanks in advance :-)

  14. Mohsin Ali says:

    yar tablet acha ya nhi

  15. ahmed burhan says:

    Plz give me solution for Error Message Can’t connect to the camera” when using camera of this tablet

  16. kiya is tab mein kuch apps chinese mein hain jin ko na to delete kiya ja sakta hai na un ki language change ki ja sakti hai ya har apps english mein hai mein already aik chinese android phone use kar chuka hun us mein ziada tar apps e.g. Contacts,logs,some settings,android market maps, and much more chinese language mein thein jo na to delete hoti thein or na un ki language change hoti thi jis ki waja se buht tension hoti thi

  17. siraj amin says:

    Can i share pc internet via andriod tool…. to AX1 plZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz……rply me

  18. siraj amin says:

    batrry life ……??????????

  19. Usman Ashraf says:

    i bought it today .. its really excellent tablet . Your review is alright . Though i am having trouble in battery time. its really annoying . It consumes 30% of the battery just by putting wifi on and keeping it on standby. And when you are charging it and playing games , its battey goes down even more. THat really sucks. I wasnt hoping that :( . Have you experienced the same problem , or do i need to take mine back to the shop. I dont think he is gonna exchange it though :( :( . Any suggestions ?

    • Munir Rahool says:

      Hello, I have been using AX1 for I think a month now and that battery problem didn’t come as this bad. My charge time is 2 hours to be exact. I kept my WiFi and Sims on all the time. I have few applications stays active in background for constant update.

      It did take some charge during stand by yes, but not that much I believe. I suggest you notify your shop about this problem but keep tablet in check for 2 days at least, sometimes batteries take time to get back into full performance.

  20. Majid Fazal says:

    Very nice review, a hard trait to find on local websites, I have a question too, can you tell me that can I use my PTCL Evo USB directly on this tablet?

    Thanks in advance.

  21. Anonymous says:

    tell about camera result and video results

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