QMobile vs Other Smartphone Brands in Pakistani Market

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QMobile vs Others in Pakistan Smartphone Market

Qmobile is not an International brand but in Pakistan QMobile made themselves possibly the most dominating brand today. Personally I don’t recommend QMobile to people due to complains I read and listen from users way too often, but I have met some satisfied users too.

QMobile is also known for hiring probably the most expensive star artists in their commercials, and not only from Pakistan but from India too. They literally made their brand a household name and made it look so simple that the new comers in industry try to follow their footsteps. New brands in country think Pakistani smartphone market is an easy one and all they need is a TV Commercial with one hot artist dancing around to sale a smartphone.

Well, I have a bad news for all those new smartphone brands, it is not that simple, it is not all in the ad, specially not in the ad with star faces.

QMobile has an advantage of Age, they are longer in the market than many other companies like Voice, Huawei, Oppo, Calme and so on. No other company can top this reality.

Right after when Sony Ericsson and BlackBerry vanished from Pakistani markets and cheap China phones made Nokia looks expensive in comparison; it was Samsung and QMobile that came to rescue users. It was before the days of Android in Pakistan and the company is not neglecting this fact today. Their focus is equally on featured phones as it is on smartphones, they are improving and promoting old-school keypad based phones with screens as large as 3inches.

Those simple featured phones from QMobile that we see in every second or third hand today laid the foundation of consumers’ trust in the brand. Because of featured phones, users are open to try QMobile’s expensive Android smartphones more than any other new brand.

QMobile’s expensive star quality sizzling TV commercials are the just decorative icing. Unfortunately QMobile’s Android phones are not as solid as their featured phones are. The complaining rates of their Androids are higher, the specs need to be improved to meet requirements of 2015.

The market is seeing a healthy competition from new brands as well as from regular shipment of used branded smartphones. It will dethrone QMobile’s title, but not over the night. The stability of brand image QMobile holds in market will give everyone else a hard time.

Other companies have to consider exploring effective marketing and sales options other than just making cheesy TV Commercials to win Pakistani smartphone users.

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